Technology in BCC helps detectives link guns to crime

LONDON, OH (Wow) – When crimes can be solved, it is important to use the remaining evidence properly. In Ohio’s Criminal Investigation Laboratory, scientists conduct evidence from law enforcement agencies across the state.

“Every time I walked in, I didn’t know much about his forensic appearance,” said Matthew Hutt, a weapons challenger at the BIC. White has ties to West Virginia. He said he started working as a trainee at the West Virginia State Police Laboratory. “I was originally from West Virginia, so I guess I enjoyed my hobbies with entertainment,” he said.

It now contains critical evidence using science and technology to find clues.

The contrast microscope allows the team to look at experiments and evidence.

“Sometimes evidence can be presented and there is no weapon, so I can look at the burned cartons and then decide what kind of weapon they want,” he said.

Each year, the department handles a number of high-level issues. They are looking for links between bullets and cartridges and individual guns. Comparison uses a microscope, a tool for zooming in and out of two pieces of evidence.

“On the one hand, you have evidence,” he explained. As a result of the firing process, I look at the different features that were given to that burnt carton.

The work will help detain lawbreakers and help the investigators needed to keep the community safe.

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