Technology has set a world record in the Olympics

The Olympics are designed Technology has always played a role in showing the limits of human athletic success, but also helping athletes push limits.

Why is it important? Some data suggest that pure athleticism may be a factor in the Olympics, but technology will be even more important to help make it better.

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what’s happening: Records are about to be broken, and at the Tokyo Olympics, they are falling en masse – especially on the track and on the bike.

  • In the men’s 400-meter hurdles, American Ray Benjamin won the world record: Norway’s Carston Warhol is still second in speed.

  • In the men’s track and field event, Denmark holds the Olympic record, the only team to reach the final of the world record.

Between the lines: The world record in Tokyo was one in which new tools or even better features could play a major role.

  • Track stars like Warhol have benefited from “super speeds” designed for fast-paced events, according to the company that designed the sponge track in Tokyo.

  • Even in a major event such as the Archery, the South Korean Olympians praised a number of world records for the Hyundai-sponsored archery.

On the other hand: The world record – where technology does not play much – by throwing and jumping field events is hard to beat, on average over 23 years.

  • But there is also a dark side to this technology – many existing records were made between the 1970s and 1990s, when doping was not widely practiced.

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