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In a brief statement on Sunday, Olympus said it was “currently investigating possible cyber security incidents affecting computer networks in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.”

“As a result of suspicious activity, we mobilized an independent response team, including forensic experts. We are working to address this issue with a high priority. As part of our investigation, the affected system blocked data transfer and notified external partners. The statement said.

However, according to sources, Olympus is recovering from an early morning attack on September 8.

It is said that the ransom note left on the infected computer belongs to the BlackMatware ransomware group. “The network is encrypted and is not currently working,” he said. If you pay, we will provide you with a program to decrypt. Redemption notes can only be obtained from the BlackMeter Tor browser, which is known for contacting victims. Web addresses for different sites are also included.

Microsoft’s ransomware expert and risk analyst Brett Cal told Tech Crunch that the ransom note site is affiliated with the Black Case team.

BlackMatter has recently emerged from the criminal world following a series of Bewareware attacks on colonial pipelines and months. Hundreds of companies were flooded by Bezaware after the Kassa attack. Both attacks have attracted the attention of the US government. The United States has promised to take action if critical infrastructure is attacked again.

Groups such as BlackMaters lease access to the infrastructure that collaborators use to carry out attacks, but BlackMeter reduces the ransom. Microsoft Technical link found And the code is duplicated between Darkside and BlackMatter.

Since the group’s release in June, Microsoft has recorded more than 40 ransomware attacks on BlackMatter, but the total number of victims could increase significantly.

Renaissance groups, such as BlackMater, often steal information from enterprise networks before and after encryption. Threatening to publish files online If you do not pay the ransom to decrypt the file. The team did not have an Olympus entrance when another site related to BlackMatter was used to promote victims and promote stolen information.

Headquartered in Japan, Olympus manufactures optical and digital recording technologies for the medical and life sciences industries. In January, he sold the struggling camera unit.

“We are currently working to identify the scale of the problem and will continue to provide updates when new information is available,” Olympus said.

Olympus Spokesman Christian Pot did not respond to emails or text messages asking for comment.

Technology giant Olympus hit by BlackMatter ransomware – TechCrunch Source Link Technology giant Olympus hit by BlackMatter ransomware – TechCrunch

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