Technology can never replace classroom education

In a recent incident, Delhi’s Deputy Prime Minister Manish Sisodia said schools and colleges would be closed decades ago if the technology department replaced education and education.

At a recent event, Delhi Vice-Chairman Manish Cisodia Technology stated that it could never replace education and education. (Image: PTI)

Speaking to Digital India Concell on Thursday, Deputy Prime Minister Manish Sicodia said schools and colleges in various countries would be closed decades ago if technology classrooms replaced education. During the discussion, he discussed the impact on technology after the Covide-19 epidemic.

Technology is a tool to improve education. It can add value to education, but technology can never replace classroom learning. If that were the case, schools and colleges would be closed decades ago in technology-driven countries, and the entire education system would be transformed into digital platforms, ”Sisodia reported in PTI.

He added, “Before VV-19, the education system was functioning normally and technology was slowly adopting. Covi-19, however, has forced us to embrace technology. The entire education system had to be transformed into digital platforms. Not good, we used better technology. “

Sosodia said at the time of his address that Kovid-19 was now under control, and the big question before the education system was how much technology could be integrated into it.

“Today, such a mixed and mixed education model needs to be followed by a completely normal or completely non-technological education because on the one hand we are teaching our children to learn and use technology, we will help them become socially and emotionally healthy individuals and responsible citizens.

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