Technical talks to Mickey: Increase training efficiency with Maniva

Staff training tools are no longer simply good, but they are essential for companies that want to improve their productivity and efficiency.

Using an online training tool like Minerva will help you achieve this and stay ahead of the competition. Unlike traditional training solutions, employees can train on their own using Minervan. It also takes 40 to 60% less time to train staff using classroom management solutions. In addition, without having to spend eight hours in a training course, your staff will be more satisfied with increasing their skills.

Studies show that online training increases productivity. This will help increase the company’s revenue. That, below, is an overview of this cloud-based online training tool.

Dashboard and themes

Minerva has an intuitive dashboard organized according to content blocks. Course overview section Navigation and news icons in the center of the screen are aligned to the left and right of the screen. However, you can also customize your dashboard to add, hide, delete, dock or move content blocks.

For the theme, Minerva has a standard and custom feature that allows administrators to change the background color, install custom logos, subtitles, and more. Tech-savvy users can use these tools to create a dynamic dashboard.

Roles and groups

Administrators can sometimes choose from overlapping roles. In any case, the key role is to be a manager and site administrator. These are other roles created and assigned by the administrator. Other roles may include course creator, teacher, and non-editorial teacher. Course creators are tasked with creating the training course, tutors create and add training content, and non-editors post only the rankings.

In addition, site administrators can organize students into groups. By default, students are assigned according to their learning but may be assigned based on activities. Administrators can invite guests who can only see the courses. Minerva can also support between 1 and 500 users, making it a great solution for most businesses.

Assignments and other functions

In addition to roles and groups, Minerva supports a number of course-related activities. Like any online learning software, the platform has an integrated messaging tool, discussion boards and more.

Why you should consider Minervan

That said, here are some reasons why you might use Minerva for your training needs.


Working on regular shifts and attending training is really tiring. That is why most companies set aside several days for training purposes or use weekends to train their employees. However, improving technology means that new systems will continue to require regular training for staff.

Using Minerva eliminates the need to reduce board parts and specific training days. It is an online tool that employees can access anytime, anywhere as long as they have a secure internet connection. Your employees may be given time to listen or watch coffee training sessions at work or online.


Completing traditional training courses requires the printing of notebooks and renting a training ground, both of which are very expensive. However, Minerva is a cloud-based platform where users can save and share course videos and notes later for reference. Minerva also offers a free trial period and a free version. However, companies can update what they pay for by one feature to major versions. This means you only need to pay for the features you want.

Minerva is easy to use and has good customer support.


With so many online training tools available, it can be challenging to find the right tool to improve your training efficiency. However, Minerva is not your usual learning management system. It is superior in many respects and most of those trained to use it are satisfied, but it has some minor weaknesses. For example, it does not support in-person or online training. Nevertheless, it is a great tool that can improve the training experience of your employees.

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