Tech to compete in ITA Kickoff in Athens, Ga – Virginia Tech Athletics

Blacksburg – Virginia Tech will compete in this weekend’s ITA Kickoff in Athens, Athens. Hockey will face the winner of the VCCU in Georgia on Sunday at 10am South Florida and Monday.

Information by Ita Kikoff
Opposition USF
Date / time Sunday, January 30 | 10 p.m.
Place die Dan Magel Tennis Complex (Athens, Ga.)
Stats / video pick

Opposition Georgia / VCU
Date / time Monday, January 31 | 10 a.m. or 2 p.m.
Place die Dan Magel Tennis Complex (Athens, Ga.)


Virginia Tech started the season with two hurdles against Michigan State and No. 17 Michigan. Even though the distance between the singles is struggling, hockey demands double points. Jordan Chrysostom And Ryan Fishback Michigan won by one point in the No. 43 doubles, while Alvaro Saez-Royuela Ariza And Scott SculleyAnd Alberto Orso And Carlo DonatoThey are 2-0 in the season. No. 2 Ryan Fishback He started the season with a 2-0 win over Court Pairs.


The Bulls opened their season with a 4-3 victory over Georgia on Friday. After scoring twice, Antonio Munich, Sergio Gómez Montesa and Alvin Tudoría won by a single margin, but discontinuing matches 1, 2 and 4 in court proved to be a huge sword for the USF.


Georgia’s line-up is made up of five single players: Philip No. Heing, No. 32 Hamish Stuart, No. 62 Trent Bright, No. 112 Blake Cruiser, and No. 119 Thomas Polsell. In the double, Bryde and Henning have the No. 21 mix.

The Bulldogs opened the season with a 6-1 win over 11th UCF, giving Brides a 1-0 victory in court.


The VCU will play 1-1 at the weekend against Temple and Colombia. No. 98 Ingo Torre Martin won 1-1 in Court 3 of the season, while Rams’ No. 59 Charles and Maxnes Bartimon won 2-0 in court.

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