Tech 3 criticizes KTM Fernandez for announcing Motojip’s signature

According to in June, Fernandez will be promoted to MotoGP with KTM and Tech 3 after winning three races for the first time in Moto 2.

KTM officially unveiled Fernandez’s signature next Saturday during the FP 4 session at the Styrian Grand Prix, and next week’s commercials are thought to have inspired the Austrian producer.

Remy Gardner is already locked in a Tech 3 seat for 2022, leaving both Danilo Petruchi and 21-year-old Leukona without a ride.

Likuno and KMA were unhappy with the way Fernandez’s campaign was announced and, following his qualification – when he was 19th – had to delay the media briefing to explain the situation.

“I really don’t know what they said,” said Lekuna.

“If my appearance with the media is delayed today, it is because we have met to discuss the situation.

“I think all I have to do is tell Danilo and myself before the big prize starts.

“In the end, they have a reason, so I won’t tell them anything.”

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In an interview with MotoGP World Food after FP4, Tech 3 boss Poncharal also expressed dissatisfaction with KTM’s handling of the ad.

He said, “You know me, I always say what I feel and what I think.”

There was not much filtering between my heart and my mouth, so you can imagine this is a strange time to announce such big, big and positive news through FP4.

“We are here [in Austria] For two weeks and we have always decided to launch this first half of the season and this week the plan was to sit down on the last Sunday and let our drivers know what the situation really is for 2022.

But you can imagine, we’re back from a long summer vacation, a few teams don’t have riders and even though some decisions and some signatures have already been made, people are still pushing, pushing, pushing.

I don’t think it’s the right situation. I’m sorry I ended up that way and that weekend. ”

“I’m not surprised,” Petruchi said in a statement.

“But at least answering the phone is a matter of education. As they did today, they could have waited a few hours or so.

“But I am not surprised because this world, even when I was three years old, followed my father, I am always amazed and I think this world always amazes me.

“The best thing is to see the faces and you know I know, but let’s say we didn’t get what we expected and if I was in the KTM management office I would be the first to sign in Asen. Raul.

But it was funny to see that all the interviews were still going on, but everything was decided.

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