Taskforce established to help students and families access technology

Tucon (Arizona) – Arizona Education Technology Task Force In June 2020, he announced the completion of the Task Force on Equality in Access to Technology.

The task force, set up by Kathy Hoffman, superintendent of public education, has been aggravated by COVID-19.

The task force connects on a monthly basis to develop thinking and create simple resources for teachers, school children and families.

This force will advise ADE on long-term solutions and provide them with information on the technology distribution in rural Arizona.

Since then, ADE has launched a new website for people to access resources, federal e-rate programs, and school officials’ broadband programs.

“Now is the time to collaborate and invest our time, resources and common experience to reduce digital inequality and opportunities by developing all, accessible systems,” said Janice Mack, Arizona State Board of Education member and task force chairperson. Thanks to Supervisor Hoffman’s vision and dedication to this task force, this resource list outlines vision and paths to advancing all-inclusive digital solutions to ensure that every student in Arizona can learn anytime, anywhere.

They also recommend that the Office of Digital Teaching and the Advisory Board work on education and technology, but it is still pending.

The department will continue to review the information provided by the task force and make changes to narrow the gap.

Fair and reliable access to technology and the Internet is essential for today’s students. Arizona has made many discoveries in this area. However, there is still a long way to go for every Arizona student and family to connect to the Internet and access modern and reliable technology. ” I truly appreciate the education, industry and community leaders for their service to the Technology Task Force. ”

More information and resources are available below

Digital distribution in rural Arizona white paper
Digital teaching and learning resources
Parent / Caregiver Technology Toolkit
New Technology Website
Long-term recommendations

Editorial Note: This story was written by News 4 Tucson Kelly Horchoz.

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