Tampa Bay Buccaneers donate more than $ 50,000 for new technology to Young Middle Magnet School in East Tampa

Today, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offer more than $ 50,000 in new technology to teachers at the Young Middle Magnet School in East Tampa. The grant includes more than 100 new tools to connect teachers and students to digital division and to enhance student learning experience at Title I Young in Hillsboro County, focusing on hands-on learning through the STEM curriculum.

“Technology is more important than ever to improve communication and learning processes, and we want to connect digital distribution in our schools,” said Darsie Glazer Cassette, co-owner of Buccaneers. “These tools will have a rapid impact on our youth middle school, where we are proud to support our STEM curriculum with improved technology, resources and mentoring that strengthens our youth management program and student experience.”

Last fall, the team launched the Buccaneers Youth Leadership Program at the Young Middle Magnet School, establishing the first-ever commitment from Buccaneers players and staff to serve as youth advisers. This year’s program has been the focus of the team’s Social Justice Initiative TV, which supports the player’s efforts this year to achieve social justice through purposeful discussions and programs that have a positive impact on the community.

“The Tampa Bay Buccaneer is a champion on the football field and a champion for kids around the beach,” said Addison Davis, superintendent of Hillsborough County Public Schools. “This generous donation will have a positive educational and emotional impact on young middle magnet students who have previously had a significant impact on this wonderful counseling initiative. To make our schools better and, in turn, to diligently appreciate the sprouts, our community is strong. ”

Teachers can use the new tools to access educational resources, such as Verizon Innovative Learning HQ, a free education gateway that will make next-generation learning tools available to all K-12 teachers nationwide. The Verizon Innovation Education Center removes barriers to digital inclusion and is a key program under the Verizon Citizenship Business Plan, responsible for the company’s economic, environmental and social development. The Verizon Innovation Education Center is available free of charge to all K-12 teachers at Verizon.com/Learning.

Monday’s donation is a league-wide commitment from FLS to close the DFA class and support technology and support the online STEM curriculum for young people. Visit Buccaneers.com/community to learn more about Buccaneers’ commitment to empowering our youth.

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