Grace Tech has announced its fourth-quarter honors package

For the fourth quarter, the following students have been awarded the Graso Tech honorary package. 12th grade High honors Sherley Kaba, Nicole Castillo, Alana Corey, Gabriel Cristostomo, Zanzibar Diaz, Kyle Fultz, Samuel Hammond, Salena Holoway, Jacob Lalmandier, Lily McKeever, Colin Magowa, Carina Matos Cordere, Samantha Morisei, Elizabeth Morse, Elizabeth Morse, Pitco, Samantha Post, Exxonian Roosevelt, … Read more

Sorry, I lied about the news

Okay, this is a shame. That news – again, let’s face it – it was a lie. A popular MIT study analyzing the distribution of news reports on Twitter in 2018 is alarming. A.D. Using data obtained from 3 million Twitter users from 2006 to 2017, a team led by computer scientist Sorush Vososhi, now … Read more