After the worst 3-day expansion since 2020, stocks will fall

Text size It was a sad week for Wall Street as shares fell in fear of investors. Ed Jones / AFP via Getty Images Shares resumed on Tuesday, setting the market at a new low after a sharp fall. Bond production also declined. Shortly after its opening, Dow Jones Industrial Average 404 points, or 1.3 … Read more

SoftBank Alibaba’s share in the spotlight on stock-market turmoil

Crisis in China’s tech stocks weakens Japan’s SoftBank 9984 -1.89% Group Corporation has new investments, and has argued that BABA could sell some of BABA’s largest share. -1.88% Group Holding Limited China shares in the United States are down 52% in the 12 months to Nassadak Gold Dragon Index for Friday. Alibaba fell 49%, and … Read more