New wireless technology can remotely move certain brain circuits in a second

In a matter of seconds, a research team led by Rice University neuroscientists developed wireless technology to remotely activate certain brain circuits in fruit flies. In a printed display Natural materialsResearchers at Rice, Duke University, Brown University, and Baylor Medical College have used magnetic signals to activate target neurons that control the free movement of … Read more

Domestic startup prepares to launch revolutionary pharmaceutical technology.

WEST LAFAYTE, IND (WLFI) – The West Lafayette-based technology start-up has received final funding, allowing them to prepare for their business. Novelty was founded 8 years ago by developing technologies to help people stay safe and healthy. According to CEO Paul Draire, the funding will enable them to start in early 2023. “We are now … Read more

New photonic technology allows fluorescent sensors to track molecules in the body

Fluorescent sensors for naming and drawing different molecules give special attention to living cells. However, they can usually be used only in cells that grow in a laboratory dish or in tissues close to the body, because when they are implanted too deeply, their symptoms disappear. MIT engineers have now created a way to overcome … Read more

Nanoparticle technology may be a new, non-invasive treatment for endometriosis.

A gynecologist shows endometriosis to a patient by showing endometrial polyps on his laptop. OHSU researchers have tried iron oxide nanoparticles to help treat uterine ulcers as an alternative to invasive surgery. (Getty Images) Researchers at Oregon University of Health and Science and Oregon State University have found that nanotechnology can help treat endometriosis by … Read more

NIRI launches filtering platform technology

The Nonwovens Institute for Innovation and Research (NIRI) has developed new platform technology to enhance the performance of many non-woven products, and is suitable for many high-performance applications. RIR Ward, NIRI’s Chief Commercial Officer, demonstrates how the technology can be used in the COVID Capture project to capture SARS-CoV-2, a PPE that prevents transmission of … Read more