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A Sydney-based author and international analyst sees the Covenant-19 epidemic as a pillar of Communist China in its relationship with the United States.

“I do not support any regime, but the Chinese government can do things that the United States can never do,” he said. Digital Epidemic: COVID-19: How Tech went from bad to good In an interview with the Black Press.

Advertising itself is a “clear call” to promote the “positive side of technology”, while Bokurki’s book also highlights the abuses perpetrated by dictatorships. He writes that no country has used technology more effectively to control population through reward, punishment and oppression than China.

The coldest example cited by this long-time daily reporter is to develop experimental COVID-19 treatments using human stem cells collected from fetuses. Although reasonable research has been conducted in the United States, it is subject to very strict laws and regulations.

The technological breakthrough not only allowed Chinese rulers to spy on their people, but also to move the country in the right direction, citing the country’s ability to build hospitals to treat COVID-19 patients. In contrast, many Western democracies have struggled to develop a viable response to the epidemic. “Here, we cannot think fast,” he said.

Bociurkiw described the CVD-19 outbreak as China’s Chernobyl, citing unsuccessful attempts to contain the 1986 nuclear disaster by the former Soviet Union, and COVID-19 may not have the same devastating effect on China. He said it was the very opposite.

Government-sponsored media in China have happily failed to cope with the epidemic in the West: timely disagreements over vaccination passports and obligations, rational public health measures by any standards – is a testament to China’s Western dominance. But its shortcomings in governance and ethics are hidden by censorship and censorship of key Western media by local government censorship.

“China will be the judge of the COVID-19 crisis,” he wrote. But there is no reason to believe that the 100-year-old (Communist Party of China) regime will voluntarily surrender any land: politically, militarily or economically.

Citing increasing party participation, he sees China playing a long game of violence around the world, using a variety of tools, from debt to vaccines. They are in a long line and may miss a lot.

But if it is easy to underestimate the Chinese government, Bokurki, with the help of technology, has warned of dictatorial challenges in Western societies. He said people should remember that the emergency forces used by Western governments will remain in place.

“On the one hand, we are very grateful that the government has taken good care of us, its benefits and so on,” he said. “But when will these things happen?”

In this context, Bokurki suggested that as the epidemic enters a new phase, the Western community may not respond kindly to future locks.

“If we go back to the locks here, we will have the technology to do the job wisely and communicationfully,” he said. But tolerance for those things will be very low.

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