Sustainable cities also need digital technology – Illinois News Today

According to French software developer Dassel Systems, digital technology can improve cities and make them more sustainable.

Rami Dorner, Vice President of Construction, Cities and States Construction at Daso Systems, will be given the opportunity to digitalize the company’s website on Monday before implementing options in real and virtual worlds. He said that meeting in the physical world can make the environment “more sustainable and livable.”

Dornier added that digital technology can help change mobility and change the way we think and plan to solve urban challenges.

“Technology destroys small businesses and enables stakeholders to work more closely and provide clearer information,” Dorner said. Rice Field.

Carlo Rati, director of MIT’s Scientific City Laboratory and founder of the Carlo Rati Association, said it was important to consider digital infrastructure when investing in infrastructure.

“We need to make sure we build a more sustainable carbon-neutral infrastructure, but let’s focus on the physical and digital worlds and their interactions,” Rathi said. Says Mr.

He said the use of information will help facilitate digitalisation processes, improve operational awareness and improve public relations.

Rati also explains the benefits of digital twin technology, which is a virtual representation of an object, service or process.

According to him, the technology can capture almost all the information in the physical world, but in a digital way, to process simulations, better understand the situation and better design cities. Can be used.

Meanwhile, Jack Bertrand, vice president of the public sector, shared his experiences with digital technology during the outbreak at Das Ultil Systems.

Beltran reports that the company has been asked to assist the authorities in France, which has been hit hard by the first wave of epidemics, by providing up-to-date information on their health. I did.

The larger value of the decision-making cockpit, as we have deployed, can be used consistently and in times of crisis, but we can deploy the same technology with regional maps and key indicators. Public policy. ”

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