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As the deadline for the first “preliminary decision” college application approaches November 1, and for four-year college education and class and board, $ 27,000 to $ 55,000 per year, the private finance website WalletHub reports the 2022 Best College & University Rankings in addition to the specific grades for colleges and universities. Also associated videos.

To help college-related seniors make the most informed school choices, WalletHub is based on 30 key metrics of more than 1,000 higher education institutions in the United States divided into seven categories, such as Student Choice, Cost and Financial and Professional Outcomes. The data collection ranges from student-teacher ratio to graduation rate to post-graduate salary.

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Top 10 Colleges and Universities in California

The California Institute of Technology became the top college or university in the Golden State, followed by Stanford University, second; University of California-Berkeley, third; University of California-Los Angeles, fourth; Pomona College, fifth; University of California-Irvin, sixth; Claremont McKenna College, seventh; Harvey Mood College, eighth; University of Southern California, ninth; And the University of California-San Diego, in the top ten.

With that in mind, here’s an in-depth look at how some of the state’s high schools have done, each with specific dimensions.

School Screenshot California Institute of Technology (1 = best; 34 = average; 67 = worse) ፡

• 2nd – Entrance rate

• 58th – Net cost

• 1st – Student-Faculty Ratio

• 6th – Crime on campus

• 19th – Gender and racial differences

• 4th – Graduation rate

• 3rd – Post-availability Media Salary

School Screenshot Stanford University (1 = best, 34 = average, 67 = worse)

• 1st – Entrance rate

• 56th – Net cost

• 2nd – Student – Faculty Ratio

• 22nd – Crime on campus

• 2nd – Gender and racial differences

• 1st – Graduation rate

• 1st – Post-availability Media Salary

School Screenshot University of California – Berkeley (1 = best, 34 = average, 67 = worse

• 7th – Entrance rate

• 46th – Net cost

• 45th – Student-Faculty Ratio

• 66th – Crime on campus

• 14th – Gender and racial differences

• 4th – Graduation rate

• 10th – Post-availability Media Salary

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