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The survey expects college students to face mental health issues this fall

Newcomer college graduates expect public opinion by 2021 semester that half of respondents (44 percent) will be affected by mental health issues (themselves and / or their classmates, classmates or professors). A survey of 290 students by national high school scholars, high-achieving students of the International Honors and Scholarship Program, combines college scholarships, events, relationships, practices and job opportunities.

Fifty-three percent of students said that preparing for the fall semester this year was somewhat more difficult and more stressful compared to 2020, while 22 percent said they were similarly anxious. Only 7 percent said the fall preparation was too easy and stressful. On the plus side – most students (82 percent) said they were familiar with the mental health resources available in their institutions.

Although there is a stigma attached to the topic of mental health for many, our young people are aware of the importance of explicitly and directly addressing mental health issues as we do any health issues based on that negative perception. It is encouraging that when students struggle to cope with mental health issues, most of them know where to go for mental health support, ”said James Lewis, president of NSHSS. We need to make sure that those resources are easy to find, easy to use, and easy to share with other students during the school year with constant insecurity and uncertainty.

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