SurePoint Technologies has appointed Tim Radic as an revenue officer to develop new revenue streams and measure marketing strategies.

new York–(Business Wire–SurePoint Technologies, has announced the appointment of Tim Radic as Chief Financial Officer, leading Cloud provider of performance management solutions for law firms. Radicich has joined SurePoint as a leading provider of software, software-as-a-service and market-leading (GTM) marketing with over 25 years of experience in award-winning and award-winning legal technology. .

“We are delighted to have a respected industry expert join our company and lead the way forward,” said Tom Obermeyer, SurePoint CEO. “A talented visionary, with a unique GTM leadership history, is the only choice to lead our sales efforts and market expansion. Tim delivers good things to our customers.

As Chief Revenue Officer, Radicic will enable SurePoint’s growing GTM team to move all new revenue streams, continue to drive customer turnover, and create more industry-leading partnerships. In this role, it works to accelerate the direction of SurePoint’s innovation to provide superior value and competitive advantage to law firms.

“I am very happy to be joining SurePoint at this stage in our development history,” Radicich said. “With the company’s recent success, unique leadership team, creative journey and aspirations, we are at an incredibly exciting level of profile. In particular, I look forward to working with my colleagues to develop solutions that shape the feedback of our community and address the growing needs of the legal industry.

Radic joined SurePoint in October 2021. Prior to joining SurePoint, he played a leading role in Thomson Reuters, building a reputation for overstepping his business acumen and placing the “customer voice” front and center. Radic’s knowledge includes market placement, strategic pricing, new customer acquisition, and advanced legal technology products designed for the legal industry.

Most recently, Radicich was Vice President, State and Local Government, headed by sales, account management, business and marketing professionals serving state, local government and law school clients who serve the legal information and software needs of clients.

Prior to that, he led a group of small and medium-sized law firms focused on serving legal information and technology needs. Radicch holds a bachelor’s degree in English from St. John’s University.

Radicich joins SurePoint during high growth. In June 2021, SurePoint Technologies announced a strategic investment from Aquiline Capital Partners, a private equity firm in New York and London. A.D. In February 2022, SureTime launched a new and intuitive application that provided automated time management capabilities and ease of use for all law firm employees. Immediately following the launch, SurePoint created the first legal technology platform by integrating ContactEase, CRM for law firms, real-time CRM into action management and financial information.

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