Summit Technology Group Announces Analysis of Bank Employees by Lenders Cooperative

Harrisburg, Pa., February 21, 2022 (PRNewswire-PRWeb) – Summit Technology Group (STG) today announced the launch of a new analytics service at the Lender Cooperative Forum. Banking Analytics is a flexible platform developed by Amazon QuickSight, a cloud-native, server-free business information service on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • Banking Analysis is a solution that allows financial services customers to access powerful analytics using new technologies such as machine learning.
  • The offering allows bank professionals to ask questions in a natural language and get quick answers without having to spend time on complex questions or building old dashboards.
  • Banking Analytics supports simple single account capabilities integrated with the Bank’s active directory environment – hosted in a completely secure and secure cloud cloud.
  • Banks only pay for those who use them – no big upfront fees or big monthly fees.
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Lenders Cooperative Loan Home Platform supports hundreds of lenders America Creating, writing and lending small business and business loans. Banking analysts extend this platform and allow financial institutions to release business data – including pipeline reports, portfolio concentration reports, customer profitability and market data.

“We are very pleased to introduce this package to the banking industry which will enable them to take our pre-made business data and connect their core banking information, mortgage loss data, CRM data and other financial information sources within the bank,” he said. Ben Wallace, By STG CEO. “Our bank partners, who are using the Lender Cooperative Forum, have the ability to view their banking overview in a centralized location, and it is easy to build and use.”

“Also, using AWS allows us to offer this solution to our bank partners at a much lower cost – they only pay for it effectively when they use the solution,” Ben said. “Banks often buy an analytics package but do not fully disclose it or realize the cost immediately. Our solution is to allow the banks to start their data management journey and grow their investment when the enterprise acquires value from business intelligence.”

Pen Community Bank, the largest joint bank in the East Pennsylvania, Is one of the earliest adoptions and has developed this framework in collaboration with the Creditors’ Cooperative Society – including the Credit System and Banking Analysis Service. “It is exciting to work with the lenders’ cooperative team, considering new ways to innovate and support small business customers. Our partnership with organizations such as STG will help us continuously improve our processes,” said Charles Feld, chief executive of Penn Community Bank. Financial Officer.

“Over the past two decades, AWS has built technology, knowledge and innovation into the world of Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We have used these skills to improve the lives of our customers around the world. Work Solutions We are very pleased to be able to provide this valuable service to the community and regional banks, ”he said. Rebecca WetherlyDirector, WWPS System Integrator Partners with AWS. “Using AWS, they can provide a powerful tool for Community Banking to help their bank customers update and improve their services.”

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