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Qualifications and Mercer Introduces Partnerships to help brands better understand employee attitudes and preferences to develop improved employee experience and benefits programs. The new partnership will enable companies to combine the power of the Qualtrics XM Platform with Mercer’s leading X consulting services and manpower.

Recruitment Forum Wedge Launched additional application in the enhanced integration market space. With it, Wij brings a cloud of video interviews to those who have been released. Provide fast and flexible practices designed to “enhance” the hiring process.

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Payment location found Blue Marble Salary, a long-time partner of international payroll solutions. Blue Marble currently serves about 450 customers. The platform allows US-based companies to manage payrolls for employees outside the United States based on complex local and national standards in more than 150 countries.

Digital Training Forum CoachHub raised $ 80 million in the new B series to $ 110 million. Funding will support CoachHub expansion. In the first half of 2021, CoachHub tripled its new business generation by 2020, tripled its workforce and added several international brands to its customer list.

A fresh start, Solo, announces $ 5.5 million seed cycle, according to GeekWire. Solo estimates an hourly wage per hour. Forecasts use historical data collected from Solo users, and consider the potential impact on real-time events. The company’s long-term vision includes providing additional assistance to gigabytes related to insurance, tax and mileage.

Forty-one percent U.S. companies plan to spend more on wages by 2022 than they did this year, according to’s annual U.S. National Wage Budget Survey. That marks the first significant change in quality over the past 10 years. In hindsight, last year, only less than 10 percent of companies planned to raise their salaries more than last year. By 2022, organizations plan to provide a 12% increase of 4-5%, and by 2021 a 7-8% increase.

Boldly, it connects Required Vocational Training and Development Services Beneficiaries Announce $ 15 Million Round Fund by Telescope Partners The money will help to expand its global reach and develop new data capabilities, which will provide a better understanding of the needs of different individual employees. In addition to new automation and personalization, this Capital will strengthen Bravely’s research on information usage.

CloudPay is up With $ 80 million from the team led by Olayan Group, New Capital, with existing investors Pinnacle Investment Partners, Rho Capital Partners and others. The funds support CloudPay growth as a provider of employee payroll solutions that unify global payroll systems.

Shiftboard and Randstad He has partnered with an initiative to help companies that are struggling with chronic labor shortages gain access to skilled labor. The companies said the partnership’s human resource program solutions provide a workforce approach based on retention in combination with Randstad Home Services (RIS), which provides management solutions on site.

YouCruit is up $ 11.5 million to grow Lenfender, the labor market for the U.S. trucking industry. Lanfinder provides job search and related forums based on the needs and interests of truck drivers who have historically relied on oral references and workplaces in general.

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The cornerstone OnDemand when the PE company took ownership

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Paradox enhances evaluation skills by accessing Trivia

Recruitment software developer Paradox says mobile-first review platform will get Traitify. The companies serve common customers, including XX and MacDonald, and work with HM platforms such as Workday and iCIMS. Read more.

PRO gets unlimited manpower logic with unlimited eyes on organizations

Human Resource Management Forum PRO Unlimited will get its staff logic later this year. The company said the transaction will integrate two companies that share a common approach to address the customer service needs of their customers using a comprehensive platform. Read more.

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