Successful development of innovative health care system technology that modulates micro-creams and pH in the body using Somatid Mineral Graphene Ball.

This innovative platform technology changes the structure of the ball and generates micro-currents (-30mV to -230mV) when the SMG ball enters the bath and hot water is supplied from 39 ℃ to 42 ℃.

This micronutrient causes the abnormal human body to charge negative electrons in the cell membrane, while maintaining the potential of the mitochondrial membrane (-150 mV to -180 mV) in a healthy body and promoting cell regeneration.

Professor Gerald Pollock Of Washington State University In America It has been experimenting for two years using somatic compounds. As a result, large amounts of infrared radiation emitted by somatic ions convert H2O (total water) into H3O2, pushing H + ions and generating negative electrons in water to prevent water oxidation, prevent tissue necrosis, and activate metabolism. Hindi and PLOSONE, SCI magazines.

High cell membrane negative electrons in the human body contain healthy weak alkali between pH 7.35 and 8.5, releasing free radicals known as harmful substances in the body as water-derived oxygen converts into negative electron structures and protects normal cells and increases oxygen supply . Improving blood circulation.

On the other hand, when graphene is highly concentrated in combination with somatic ions, the microorganisms that are important to the human body are better transmitted to the human body.

Pilsang Life Sciences is developing “human microwave charging stations” at seven test sites by developing new human immunosuppressive and health rehabilitation systems and plans to speed up the construction of charging stations. A.D. By 2022, the company plans to build a test charging station in major countries America, Europe, China, JapanAnd Russia.

Top Technologies Developed by Pilsang Life Sciences 10 original patents related to innovative technologies: 1) extraction of complex sodium minerals, 2) blending with graphite, 3) development of a variety of living health products, 4) creating a platform for innovative healing systems. A.D. He won the Gold Innovation and the Minister of Small and Beginning Award at the Korea Invent Patent Exhibition in 2021.

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Source: Philsang Life Science Co., Ltd.

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