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Revolutionary Rocket Engineering Technology, developed by students at the University of Central Florida Engineering Laboratory, has won a grand prize of $ 10,000 at the UCF Technology Ventures Symposium, a February 17 event featuring Orlando creators, entrepreneurs and investors.

Hosted by UCF College of Engineering and Computer Science, UTVS 2022 is organized by faculty, staff and alumni at the university. The day included inspiring keynote speeches, participatory discussions, special tracks promoting network and technology breakthroughs, and a grand prize-winning competition with seven leading technology companies.

Adam Kotleler, a graduate of Aerospace Engineering, has teamed up with Halo Engines LLC to become the winner of a competition between high-tech and terrestrial textile-enhanced video surveillance to artificial intelligence. Business-based menu ordering application.

Co-founder Kololer, co-founder of Halo Engines, introduced the company’s rocket blasting rocket engine as the future spacecraft engine. As a student, Kotler and business partner Robert Burke ’19’20MSAerospace Engineering graduate is also working with Rim Ahmed, a teacher consultant at the UCF Propagation and Energy Research Laboratory, to provide solutions for the fast-growing space launch industry.

“Our solutions reduce costs and start up costs for military and commercial clients,” says Kotler, who is currently pursuing a master’s and doctoral degree in aerospace engineering. “Halo is opening up the next generation of combustion cycles, which will reduce encouraging usage and simplify design architecture, reduce costs and lead to expanded mission and loading capacity.”

That shout-out impressed a group of experienced Florida-based technology entrepreneurs and investors.

The organizer of the symposium “Halo Engines presented a convincing and informative presentation Benjamin Pats’ 85 MS, UCF Engineering Students and DeepWork Capital Founding Partner. “Unprecedented results in motor technology were key to awarding the Halo team the first prize in a fierce competition. We hope the team will continue to promote this unique technology.

Kotler said the $ 10,000 prize money will be used to retain professional contract secretaries to bring Halo Motors’ multi-million dollar small business management awards to level one and two proposals.

Two more primary startups – Soarce, a high-tech fabric company owned by UCF students Mason Mince and Derek Saltman; And TumYum, a software application company named after Alexander Damis by UCF student and entrepreneur Rafe Monteiro – both winners. Their award includes access to the UTVS Consulting Network.

“Sources has made an unexpected appeal to reduce carbon impact by using revolutionary fiber-based fabric with amazing properties to reduce carbon impact,” says Patz. “TumYum has captured the imagination (and appetite) of judges with a real personality approach.”

Visit the UTPS website to find out more about the symposium’s 2022 suppliers, including keynote speakers Eric Cotton ’86, Co-founder, Strax Networks; Key Note Speaker Kathleen Loftin ’89’00MS ’09 PhDChief Technology Officer of NASA Kennedy Space Center; Featured speaker Christina Drake ’07 PhD, Founder / CEO, Kismet Technologies; And featured speaker Tommy Shavers’ 00’02MSFounder / CEO, NESTRE Health & Performance

Visitors are encouraged to revisit the recorded symposium as UTPS Pantheon of Videos will be added to the 2022 UTPS Pantheon of Videos in the coming days and weeks.

Watch the UTCS promotional video to learn more about the UCF Technology Venture Symposium.

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