Strong Fight against No. 10 Virginia Tech, West Virginia – Binghamton University Athletics

BLACKSBURG, VA – Binghamton wrestling team battles 10. Virginia Tech and West Virginia in a circular event. BU went 8-5 against West Virginia, and added four wins with national hockey. Ryan Anderson, Nick Lombard And Lou DePrez Not all Bearcats were defeated that day.

Head Coach: “We struggled hard in the last days.” Kyle Borshoff He said. “(Ryan) Anderson, (Nick) Lombard, and (Lu) Depress were superior and good today. Joe Doyle He won another big victory nationally. In general, it shows us some of the improvements we have made over the weekend and other things we need to work on.


  • Anthony Sobotker He started the day with a surprise victory over Michael Dolan and split the two matches. He tied the knot in extra time and was able to bring down Sobotker to win. The veteran then dropped 13-1 major relegation to No. 5 Corbin Myers Virginia Tech.

  • Christian Ganon Michael Dolan defeated them 5-0 in the afternoon before the final whistle. Ganone was strong in every match against Dolan, increasing his riding time in each session. This season it is 5-3.

  • Anderson won all three matches. He conceded just one point in three contests and received a technical failure, a decision and a big decision. He is now in the 85th season and has won four in a row.

  • Lombard have won both of their matches and improved to 13-10 this season. Lombard had a big hand on George Johnson in West Virginia, but he stuck with Johnson late in the third. Against Virginia Tech Kylan Montgomery, Lombard did business with three downs in 8-2.

  • Cory Day He split the two matches with a 1-0 victory over Virginia Tech Simone Holmes before meeting the team in the final. Against Holmes, the day before the victory over the opposition, he did not score for the third time.

  • No. 11 Depress won both matches, losing 10-4. In West Virginia, Jackson took control of the Mamu and dropped four slides. He received the 197-pounder pin call shortly after. On Andy Smith, Depress had three downloads in the first two, and he finished the race by the last drop.

  • Heavy weight Joe Doyle He won one match against two opponents nationwide. Michael Wolfgram recorded the pin on No. 22, and Nathan Tracler pinned it down on No. 13.

  • Brevin Cassella He won by forfeit at Peitoon Hall in West Virginia.


BU will be rolling out the EIWA doubles for the rest of the month starting Drexel on Saturday, January 15th. The opening match is scheduled for 5 p.m.

Final results (in order of events)
133 | No. 32 Anthony Sobotker (BU) SV Michael Dolan (WV), 4-2.
141 | Ryan Anderson (BU) TF Caleb Ria (WV), 16-0.
149 | Nick Lombard BU Falling George Johnson (WV)
157 | The fall of Alex Hornfeck (WV) Tyler Martin (BU)
165 | Brevin Cassella (BU) WFF No. 11 Python Hall (WV)
174 | Scott Joel (WV) Fall Jacob Nolan (BU)
184 | The fall of Anthony Carman (WV) Sam Depress (BU)
184 | Cory Day (BU) DEC Simone Homes (VT), 1-0.
197 | No. 11Lou DePrez BU Falling Jackson Mummy (WV)
285 | No. 20 Joe Doyle BU Fall No. 22 Michael Wolfgram (WV)
285 | Tristan Camp (WV) won 3OT Colin Burns (BU) (RT)
133 | Christian Ganon (BU) DEC Michael Dolan (WV), 5-0
125 | No. 16 Sam Latona (VT) TF Nick Curley (BU), 22-7. 7:00
133 | No. 5 Corbin Myers (VT) MD Anthony Sobotker (BU), 13-1
141 | Ryan Anderson (BU) DEC Sam Hillegas (VT), 4-0.
149 | Nick Lombard (BU) DC Kilan Montgomery (VT), 8-2
157 | No. 23 Connor Brady (VT) Fall Tyler Martin (BU)
165 | Clayton Ulrie (VT) DC Brevin Cassella (BU), 6-1
174 | Fall of No. 4 Mekhi Lewis (VT) Jacob Nolan (BU)
184 | Simone Homes (VT) DC Sam Depress (BU), 14-8
197 | No. 12 Lou DePrez (BU) DEC Andy Smith (VT), 10-4.
285 | No. 13 Nathan Tracker (VT) Fall Joe Doyle (BU)
133 | The fall of Brandon Wittenberg (VT) Christian Ganon (BU)
141 | Ryan Anderson (BU) MD Lucas Seibert (WV), 9-1.
184 | The fall of Anthony Carman (WV) Cory Day (BU)

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