Stone debris debris Nasan’s persistence blocked the Mars Rover sample collection.

If you think dust storms and difficult places have made Mars Rovers a difficult time, here’s more news – even a few pebbles can stop working. On January 8, NASA tweeted that debris was preventing the robotic arm from being used to seal the tube.

Last month, Perseverance Rover successfully copied a sample from Mars Rock. When performing rock samples, rover sensors record resistance or drag. “This is only the sixth time in human history that a sample has been carved out of a rock on another planet. In the NASA / JPL, blog.

The team was instructed to take additional pictures to study what happened and how to fix it. Recent images show that pieces of corridor rock fell out of the sample tube during the dump. This bit prevents it from being fully stored in the bit carousel.

“This is not the first time Mars has attacked us – recently. One thing we have found is that when the engineering test is hundreds of millions of miles away (Mars is now 215 million miles from Earth), it is worth taking the time to dig deeper. We are going to do it here. So when we hit Mars again, the collection of endurance is ready to roll, ”added Jandura.

A.D. The rover, which began July 30, 2020, landed on the Gezero Cretter on February 18, 2021. Its main purpose is astrobiology, including the search for early life signs of microorganisms. In the future, on a NASA mission, it will collect stone and soil samples that will be returned to Earth. In October, a rover was able to produce oxygen for the first time from Mars’ atmosphere. Images from Perseverance have helped researchers confirm that the Mars Jericho was once a lake.


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