Stock Market News Live Updates – When investors crush revenues, they expect the Fed

Investors flocked to the sidelines on Wednesday, crushing a number of earnings and looking at another set of reports. It is also planned to release a statement from the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy.

The S and P500, Dow and Nasdaq struggled to find direction, alternating between small profits and losses.

Google parent company Alphabet (GOOGL) shares jumped out of the quarter following strong beatings in sales and profits. Travel-related advertising revenues and subsequent growth in YouTube ads have seen a 61% increase in FIFA revenue last year to $ 51 billion, excluding traffic costs.

Apple shares (AAPL), but technology Titan fell short of Wall Street estimates in recent earnings reports. Apple executives, however, say that after the exposure from April to June, they expect to see a sharp decline in linear growth in the current quarter, and that supply challenges will weigh on hardware such as the iPhone.

Meanwhile, investors focused on the software’s overall assumptions and profits to focus on quarterly results, excluding currency fluctuations, with a declining sales growth of up to 45% over the past quarter, a little disappointing for Microsoft (MSFT) Azure Cloud Business. .

Revenue is set to resume on Wednesday, with major names reporting after the closure of Facebook and PayPal (PYPL).

Investors are set to follow up on the Federal Reserve Committee’s financial policy decision in July and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Paul on Wednesday afternoon. In the weeks following the federation’s meeting, concerns over the delta divergence raised additional concerns about the economy. However, inflation publications are also coming hotter than expected at the consumer and producer levels, challenging the FDRE’s optimal monetary policy. And inflation is at an all-time high, according to the Bank of America.

Job growth has been stronger than expected since June and inflation is no doubt rising, keeping his eyes and ears tight. It has already been confirmed that Wells Fargo’s senior economist Sam Bullard wrote in a note.

Discussions on speed and composition will be in-depth at this week’s meeting, as divisions remain with officials and it will take some time to build consensus. Although Chairman Paul has been more cautious about the risk of inflation, most federation officials have recently viewed inflation as a major “transit”.

9:31 am ET: Shares open higher, Alphabet shares raise Nasdaq

  • S&P 500GSCC): +6.01 points (+ 0.14%) to 4,407.47

  • Down (^ DGI): +4.56 points (+ 0.01%) to 35,063.08

  • Nasdaq (IXIC): +53.54 points (+ 0.39%) to 14,717.76

  • Raw (CL = f): + $ 0.41 (+ 0.57%) to $ 72.06 per barrel

  • Gold (GC = F): – $ 4.00 (-0.22%) to $ 1,795.80 per ounce

  • 10-year treasuryTNX): +2.9 bps 1.263%

9:25 am ET – U.S. Commodity Deficit widens as expected as imports run high

In order to meet the growing demand between commodities and producers, the U.S. commodity trade deficit widened more than expected in June.

According to Bloomberg, the deficit increased from $ 88.2 billion in May to $ 91.2 billion in June, more than the $ 88 billion deficit expected by economists.

Importers jumped 1.5% to record $ 236.7 billion in industrial supplies. Exports, by contrast, rose only 0.3% to $ 145.5 billion.

9:13 am ET – McDonald’s said it was expecting a seventh quarter, but that the company was declining when “epidemic-related stocks” began to emerge amid various concerns in Delta.

MacDonald’s shares posted the best second-quarter results, but fell by more than 1.5%, citing continued instability in the fast-paced food boom.

According to Bloomberg Consensus, sales in the second quarter grew by 40.5%. Geographically, U.S. real estate sales grew by 25.9%, and global mobile real estate sales grew by 75.1%. Both parameters exceed estimates.

Earnings adjusted to $ 2.37 per share were worth $ 2.10.

Despite strong results, investors have come to the forefront of many of the concerns raised during the recession. According to McDonald, orders have been extended due to staff shortages and supply chain issues have complicated production in Asia. Chief Financial Officer Kevin Ozane said: “Looking at epidemic-related stocks and the beginning of the global market, there is still some distrust, especially with the Delta alternative.”

8:30 am ET – Mortgage applications jumped 5.7% last week as interest rates fell

The Mortgage Banks Association said in its weekly report that the weekly mortgage rate index jumped 5.7% last week following a 4.0% decline.

Below the headline index, Reference increased by 9% week-on-week, but decreased by 10% over the previous year. Purchases decreased by 2% on a regular basis. Unsurprisingly, purchases fell 18% compared to the previous week.

According to Joel Khan, Vice President of Economic and Industrial Forecasting Association of the Mortgage Banks Association, the increase in reference is due to the decline in treasury production and mortgage rates.

Khan said in a press release that investors’ concerns over the increase in COVID-19 cases and side effects had plummeted over the past 10 years. Referee applications have jumped as the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage rate has fallen to its lowest level since February 2021 and the 15-year rate has dropped to another low since 1990.

8:22 am ET – Boeing shares jump after 737 Max increase

Doug Boeing (BA) posted the second-quarter earnings of the highest-gross domestic product (GDP), with congested aircraft making sudden quarterly profits and growing sales more than expected. Shares increased 6% in initial trading.

According to Bloomberg Consensus, revenue of $ 17 billion increased by 44% last year, and consensus analysts estimate to exceed $ 16.54 billion. The strike was a better-than-expected boom from Boeing Defense and International Services, and sales of commercial aircraft were slightly lower than expected.

Stock earnings rose by 40 cents per share, compared to 81 cents loss. Boeing expects to increase production of the 737 aircraft to 31 a month by early 2022.

7:20 am ET Wednesday – The future of the stock is mixed before many revenues, the decision of the federation

Here are the markets on Wednesday morning –

  • The future of the S&P 500 (ES = f): +3.25 points (+ 0.07%) at 4,397.75

  • Doe’s future (YM = f): -46 points (-0.13%) to 34,907.00

  • The future of Nasdaq (NQ = F): +36.25 points (+ 0.24%) to 14,984.00

  • Raw (CL = f): + $ 0.27 (+ 0.38%) to $ 71.92 barrel

  • Gold (GC = F): – $ 2.10 (-0.12%) to $ 1,797.70 per ounce

  • 10-year treasuryTNX): +1.9 bps 1.253%

6:06 pm ET Tuesday will include stock futures losses

Here are the main activities in the markets on Tuesday night:

  • The future of the S&P 500 (ES = f): -13 points (-0.3%) at 4,381.50

  • Doe’s future (YM = f): -95 points (-0.27%) to 34,858.00

  • The future of Nasdaq (NQ = F): -70.25 points (-0.47%) to 14,877.5

  • Raw (CL = f): + $ 0.24 (+ 0.33%) to $ 72.15 barrel

  • Gold (GC = F): -1.80 USD (-0.1%) to $ 1,797.40 per ounce

  • 10-year treasuryTNX): Unchanged, giving 1.295%

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