Stock Market News Live Updates – Stock Future Stable After Technology Stock Exchange

Inflation remains a concern after the fall of technology on a regular trading day.

Terms on Nasdaq have improved since the index fell more than 2% on Monday afternoon. Technology weight Facebook

The markets of equity markets have a background of economic and inflation, and the landscape of control and policy is facing a number of concerns leading to the last quarter of the year. Wall Street concerns over Washington’s debt crisis are growing Monday, with Democrat and Republican lawmakers pushing for the federal government to lift its debt limits and prevent what some policymakers have warned could soon become a major economic threat. In the middle of the month.

Investors have been waiting for signals from individual companies over the past several months over the supply chain challenges, labor costs and other epidemic pressures, and the third quarter is expected to begin next week.

“Fear of growth may have arisen, and we have seen better alignments for high inflation and lower growth. But the revenue comes in the game: “We have really high inflationary pressures that make business difficult in selected areas,” said Francis Donald, Manuelif Global Economist General Manager. He told Yahu Finance.

We need to look at the revenue period not because of the big impact — it is really important for the market — but of course these companies really understand that we have to be in the stock market to see who is going. Be amazed at the supply chain issues, and who will benefit from the evolving principles by 2022? ”

While there are many headlines in the market, many strategists have warned that they should not be discouraged.

“I don’t think it’s a big, big drag that we’re going down 20% and going into the depression zone,” said Dr. Barton, director general of the Woods Financial Group. He spoke directly to Yahoo Finance on Monday. We’re still wasting a lot of money – that will win a lot of other bad news, and I think this is an umbrella that will keep the market going for a while.

Others have offered the same thing.

“We think most of the drops here are buying. I agree with the idea that the bullfighting legs, the appropriate policy, the finances and finances, as well as really strong corporate operators and a really strong consumer are enough. Debt settlement or policy fraud is more of a topic, ”said Roy Mayfield, director of investment investment strategy for Yahoo Finance.

6:10 pm ET Monday – The stock market is stable after a stockpile of technology

Markets are here before Monday night’s opening bell –

  • The future of the S&P 500 (ES = f): +2.5 points (+ 0.06%), to 4,293.75

  • Doe’s future (YM = f): +10 points (+ 0.03%), to 33,880.00

  • The future of Nasdaq (NQ = F): +20.75 points (+ 0.14%) to 14,483.00

New York, New York – October 04 – Traders will be working on the New York City Stock Exchange (NYSE) on October 04, 2021. In Washington DC, investors continued to worry about the debt crisis between Republicans and Democrats, which fell more than 300 points in the afternoon. (Photo by Spencer Platt / Getty Images)

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