Stock Market News Live Updates Shares Increase As Treasury Stocks Back

Shares passed on Wednesday as investors considered another strong quarterly earnings note and looked for more reports.

The S&P 500 extended its profit margin on Tuesday. With the recent completion of the treasury, Nasdaq rose to the top of technology stocks. The 10-year results have eased the momentum since November 2019.

Chipotol Mexican Grill (CMG) stock fast food chain chain posted quarterly earnings and widening margins despite food inflation and labor costs. LMFT shares have been positive to offset previous losses after forecasting the company’s first quarter earnings as the Omicron Storm rated at the start of the new year.

But otherwise strong earnings sentiment has helped strengthen stocks in recent weeks, with the S&P 500 moving into its third straight weekly gain. Total S&P 500 earnings per share (EPS) are currently 6% higher than expected in the last quarter, according to the Bank of America on Tuesday. S&P 500 revenues are tracking growth by more than 20% year-over-year.

“People are looking for income in the market right now, because we know that by 2022, we know that revenues will be under pressure as the economy slows down.” [and] “This is a policy mistake this year,” JPMorgan Asset Management Global Market Strategist Jack Manley told Yahoo Financial Live on Tuesday, “We can avoid those losses with revenue.”

Still, those concerns about inflation and the Federal Reserve’s next monetary policy remain key areas for investors. And with new data on these fronts coming this weekend, the January Consumer Price Index (CPI) is expected to show a new 39-year high inflation.

“I do not think we are 100% transparent and that we are in a strong position to improve this.”

“You have a market that is trying to integrate a lot of ingredients. You have a very strong economy, but you have these inflationary concerns. … You have a slightly higher price, you have questions.” “I’m cautious that I think this is a reversal of the few.”

2:51 pm ET: Meta Platform shares end four-day losing streak

Meta Platform (FB) shares are in the process of rising for the first time in five days, with the stock dropping 32% in the last four sessions.

The decline in Meta Platform shares came after the company made a disappointing forecast for the current quarter, with sales of between $ 27-29 billion. According to Bloomberg data, the $ 30.25 billion deal fell short of expectations. Daily and monthly active Facebook users also came to light for the fourth quarter. The company blamed the results on growing competition from other social media players such as Tick Talk and Snap

10 55 55 ET ET ፡ ፡ ፡ ፡ ፡ ፡ ፡ ጅምላ ጅምላ ጅምላ የ ለ ለ ለ ለ ለ ለ ሱ ሱ ለ ለ ለ ለ ለ ለ

US wholesale investors improved in December as companies struggled to meet supply chain needs.

Wholesale sales rose 2.2% in December, up from 2.1% a month earlier, the Commerce Department said Wednesday. Inventors serve as input for GDP. US GDP growth is expected to grow 6.9% in the fourth quarter of 2021, according to preliminary estimates in late January.

9 ፡ 30 30 ET ET ፡ ፡ ፡ ፡ ፡ ፡ ፡ ተዋል ተዋል ተዋል… በቴ በቴ በቴ በቴ በቴ በቴ በቴ በቴ በቴ

This is where the stock trades after the bell rings.

  • S&P 500^ GSPC): + 41.16 (+ 0.91%) to 4,562.70

  • Down (JI DJI): +236.65 (+ 0.67%) to 35,699.43

  • Nasdaq (^ IXIC): +165.40 (+ 1.17%) to 14,360.43

  • Dump (CL = f): + $ 0.32 (+ 0.36%) to $ 89.68 barrel

  • Gold (GC = F): + $ 0.20 (+ 0.01%) to $ 1,828.10 per ounce

  • 10-year treasury (^ TNX)1.934% to produce -2.2 bps

7:49 am ET: Billing applications fell 8.1 percent last week.

Mortgage applications fell last week to offset past profit, as inflation blocked purchases and finances.

Mortgage Banks Association’s weekly mortgage market index fell 8.1 percent in the week ended February 4, up 12.0 percent last week. Re-financing over a week: 7% per week, and halved compared to the same week a year ago. Purchases also decreased by more than 10% per week, adjusted periodically. Unexpected, purchases decreased by 12 percent compared to the same period last year.

“Mortgage rates rose last week, the 30-year fixed interest rate rose to 3.83%. ”Said John Khan, Vice President for Economic and Industrial Forecasting, in a press release on Wednesday.

“A year ago, with 87 base points higher than the same week, cash flow applications continued to decline,” Khan added. “Purchasing activity declined after last week’s profit.”

7 ፡ 33 33 33 33 ET ET Wednesday’s stock share The future of the stock extends to tech-led profits

The main activities in the markets since Wednesday morning have been here.

  • S&P 500 Future (ES = F): + 38.75 points (+ 0.86%), to 4,551.25

  • The future (YM = f): + 220 points (+ 0.62%), to 35,562.00

  • The future of Nasdaq (NQ = f) :: +179.50 points (+ 1.22%) to 14,914.00

  • Dump (CL = f)$ 0.35 (-0.39%) per barrel to $ 89.01

  • Gold (GC = F): + $ 0.30 (+ 0.02%) to $ 1,828.20 per ounce

  • 10-year treasury (^ TNX)1.929% to produce -2.9 bps

6 ፡ 10 pm ET ፡ ፡ ፡ ፡ ፡ ፡ ፡ ማክ ፡ ይላል ፡ ፡ ይላል ይላል ይላል ይላል ይላል ይላል ይላል ይላል ይላል ይላል ይላል

Here is where the markets will be trading when the night begins on Tuesday:

  • S&P 500 Future (ES = F): + 6.75 points (+ 0.15%), to 4,519.25

  • The future (YM = f): + 51 points (+ 0.14%), to 35,393.00

  • The future of Nasdaq (NQ = f) :: +12.25 points (+ 0.08%) to 14,746.75

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – February 04, 202 ፡ ፡ ፡ ፡ ፡ ነጋዴ ፡ ነጋዴ ነጋዴ ፡ ፡ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ በየ Following a strong performance report, volatility in the tech market has stabilized investors, and shares are still falling more than 60 points in the early morning trades of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. (Photo by Spencer Platt / Getty Images)

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