Stock Market News Live Updates: After the sale of Tech-Lead, the stock market is stable

The stock’s futures opened on a slightly higher Tuesday night after being traded by Tech-Lead on a regular trading day. Concerns about raising debt and government subsidies among prisoners by increasing the production of treasury and the Washington Legislature.

Contracts on Nasdaq are registered. The index posted its biggest drop since March, lowering Tuesday’s regular session by 2.8%. The S&P 500 and Dow fell sharply.

The decline in technology stocks came as a result of rapid growth over several months, with rapid growth due to rapid growth in debt and pressure on technology stocks. Production on the 10-year note is up 1.56%, or the highest level since June. The 10-year production has grown significantly in a short period of time, with a maximum of 16 points from last Friday to Tuesday.

AMZN shares fell 2.6% on Tuesday afternoon, while other mega-cap technology shares also slipped.

“A lot of Big Tech is very expensive,” said Teddy Parish, chief executive of Parish Capital and chief investment officer. Yahoo Finance Tuesday. Those prices are going to go down a bit in one way or another – they will sell, or revenues will go up and stocks will trade sideways. You can get a little bit of both, but look at some of the fastest growing technology companies like P / E [price-to-earnings] Duplicates can indicate, I think many of them are ahead of themselves.

Some strategists suggest that the latest move on Tuesday may not trigger a deep recession or a formal correction in the near future. High Inflation Expected inflation so far this week has pushed up prices for everything from crude oil to cotton, and the cyclical sectors, including energy and industrial sectors, improved on Tuesday.

“I don’t think the correction is the beginning, but we have certainly seen driving improvements this year,” said Art Hogan, chief marketing strategist with the National Security Corporation. He spoke to Yahoo Finance on Tuesday. “It feels more like reorganization. So, until the end of the quarter, we will find strange tricks in the markets and it will knock on the door tomorrow.

We have a basket of baskets that worry about the future, both in terms of inflation and how much of this will stick. [and] What does that mean for incomes … and what exactly is going on in Washington and what you can and cannot do this week, in a very short time, in a very short time, and really I think it’s about speed, not the last step.

In Washington, lawmakers on Thursday are rushing to pass a bill to end government spending. Republican lawmakers are pushing for more funding for the government to raise the debt ceiling by the end of 2022, putting lawmakers in trouble ahead of Thursday night’s deadline to avoid closure. This will be accompanied by discussions on the $ 1 trillion infrastructure deal and the $ 3.5 trillion budget package, with key steps to be taken later this week.

Jason Grum, president of the Bipartisan Policy Center, told Yahu Finance on Tuesday: I think the very short government shutdown will go from Friday night to Saturday, Sunday. And I think you will see a short-term decision to get the government working again.

He added: “Government shutdown is not really a problem we are fighting. The problem we are facing is really the debt crisis. Democrats are trying to unite. That did not create sales for Republicans. Some Democrats have a different approach to debt consolidation. But I am not particularly worried about the government. shut down.”

6:15 pm ET Tuesday The stock futures are high

Until Tuesday night, the main activities in the markets are here

  • The future of the S&P 500 (ES = f): +7.5 points (+ 0.17%), to 4,351.00

  • Doe’s future (YM = f): +76 points (+ 0.22%), to 34,251.00

  • The future of Nasdaq (NQ = f): +13.5 points (+ 0.09%) to 14,778.25

Traders operate on the trading floor in New York, United States New York Stock Exchange, August 19, 2021. The S&P 500 index closed at 4,405.80 points, 5.53 points or 0.13 percent. Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 34,894.12 points, 66.57 points or 0.19 percent. The Nasdaq Integration Index closed at 14,541.79 points, 15.88 points or 0.11 percent. (Photo courtesy of Wang Ying / Xinhua)

Emily McMurric is a reporter for Yahoo Finance. Follow her on Twitter

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