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Hoboken, NJ (March 4, 2022) – First year Colby Ching He presented his first college teammate, but the Stevens Institute of Technology baseball team lost to Montclair State University on Friday 15-0 in a conference at Dobbelar Stadium.

Junior Anthony Prone (2-2) He picked up the defeat for the Ducks, went four innings and allowed six runs in seven shots. Young partner Mark Desico He scored a pointless draw in the seventh inning. The loss to Stevens ended in a 6-3 victory over the Ducks.

When Ching hit the ball hard in the middle of the field, it was a bright spot for the day. This, meanwhile, is the first year Jason Wasco With a 1: 2 performance, he continued his impressive career in college, collecting a single to the center. Patrick Kukukulolo (2-1) won six innings and three wins for Montclair State. The Red Hawks won for the sixth time in a row, 6-1.

“Obviously this was not the result we wanted or expected today,” he said Christopher Aldins. “But tomorrow is another day and we have a great chance of getting back on the field. I know our team is very excited to do that and I know it will be an added bonus to play this high-quality Montreal State team in amazing places.”

The Red Hawks took a quick 1-0 lead in the second half. Anthony Guurino scored twice on the field to put Michael Murphy on the left. Montclar State hit again in the third inning, this time with a goal from Joe Norton, a sacrifice from Ryan Maccena, and a single from Peter Cosentino to take a 2-0 lead in the middle.

The Ducks tried to gather in the middle of the third round. First year Ivan Pravato Well to right center and junior single Michael Reyes First, he was completely at war with Pravato. But the rally was marred by a combination of pick-ups, pitchers and clashes. Since then, they have all been in the Red Hawk, with four in the fourth and fourth on the shores of victory.

In addition to Ching, Pravato and Wasco The Ducks, they received 1 to 2 p.m. Ryan Wall. First-year Joe Gonzalez and Will StavskySecondary Axel JohnsonAnd a graduate student Alex Smith They all popped out of the Stevens bullpen in bankruptcy.

Next: The Ducks will travel to Bington Field, home of Rutgers University on Saturday, March 5, for a further two-legged game against Montclar State University. Both competitions will be nine entry points.

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