Star Micronix launches new POS printing solution for restaurants and other businesses |

Star Micronics, one of the world’s largest POS providers, has developed a portfolio of printing, secure financial management and customer engagement solutions for any hospitality institution in the POS and mPOS environments.


“Always lead – always creative,” Star continued his philosophy Micronics Introduces TSP143IVUE, a state-of-the-art and most integrated POS printing solution. Already the leading player in the mPOS market, the new star Micronics TSP143IVUE provides a number of ways to connect and upgrade your USB-C connector to your Android mobile device. Available for traditional and mobile POS solutions with USB / LAN Dual Interface and cloud printing capabilities.

Built to the best of your ability, the TSP143IVUE offers a more compact and smoother design with additional features such as AOA (Android Open Accessories) and CloudPRNT®. The innovative design comes with a 20% lower footprint, the expected internal power supply and a “load in and out” paper load. Provided with AOA and dual USB / LAN interface connections (the first in a series), this printer has a uniquely simple “plug and play” installation, making it easy to integrate into your existing sales system. AOA technology provides full connectivity to your printer’s Android device. Star is TSP143IVUE CloudReady, which means it can connect to any cloud application that supports Star CloudPRNT® technology.

Star MicronicsOne of the largest POS providers in the world, it has developed a portfolio of printing, secure financial management and customer engagement solutions for any retail or hospitality establishment in the POS and mPOS environments. Receiving the mobile wave, Star Supplement SDK allows users to use Star Printers together with Android ™, iOS iPad® and iPhone® devices to generate receipts for all printers. Also, the star Micronics It is constantly leading and innovating web-based printing solutions, including remote cloud printing, wireless billing solutions, proximity-based printing and secure financial management.

TSP143IVUE is high speed and can print up to 250 millimeters per second. This printer is part of a new generation of devices that can communicate with the star. Micronics Cloud services platform for users to customize and enhance their receipts by adding graphics and logos and inspiring coupons for a better customer experience.

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