St. Gobain will reduce water use by 227 million gallons a year and install water recycling technology at the Kansas City Insurance Factory.

MALVERN, PA- (Business WireSt. Gobain, through the building materials subsidiary CertainTeed LLC, has announced the completion of water recycling technology at the Kansas City Block Factory, which will reduce plant water consumption by 227 million gallons per year. The high-demand project comes just weeks after the company announced its new global growth and impact strategy, which includes reducing resource consumption in production areas.

The CertainTeed plant in Kansas City became the world’s largest insurance company in 1951. The factory uses water to help cool equipment and molten glass, which is eventually embedded in a fiberglass-based block material.

The technology installed this month will allow the plant to retain and reuse much of the water used on the K11 and K12 production lines. In the past, this water flowed into the plant’s sewers. A team of 15 engineering, production and design experts at CertainTeed has been working on the $ 4.3 million project for the past seven years.

“The Kansas City Water Recycling Project is a major step forward in our company’s broader mission to reduce our environmental impact and positively impact our customers and businesses,” said Vice President and General Manager of CertainTeed Insurance Production Team. “We know that being part of a good business means being a good neighbor, and we strive to lead our industry to sustainable sustainability.”

CertainTeed Water Recycling Efforts in Kansas City will follow a number of investments this year to improve specific environmental protection.

  • In March, the company signed a 12-year procurement agreement for 120 megawatts of renewable energy from a wind farm in McLean County, Illinois.

  • In August, the company launched a program called “Sustainable Future, Community Development” that will bring more sustainable construction to neighborhoods around North America.

  • In September, the company announced plans to build a new gypsum logistics facility for the construction of an empty superficial station near the St. John’s River.

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CertainTeed, headquartered in Malver, Pennsylvania, has helped shape the building products industry for more than 115 years through innovative and sustainable construction products. A.D. Founded in 1904 as a general roofing company, the company’s motto, “Quality Assurance, Satisfaction Guaranteed,” inspired CertainTeed. Today, CertainTeed is a leading North American brand of exterior and interior construction products, including roofing, roofing, solar, fencing, rail, trimming, insulation, drywall and roofing.

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