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Dallas, February 10, 2022 (PRNewswire) – Excited about announcing Special Property Management. Nathan Jackson As Vice President of Technology. Mr. Jackson oversees the company’s proprietary, industry-leading management software, rental iQ ™. The platform will continually review and automate many aspects of operational, financial and reporting aspects, allowing the Specialized to provide the best communication and customer experience in the industry to customers and tenants. In real-time data analysis, the specialized team can analyze live data to predict future performance, as well as identify any service gaps, make smart decisions, and actively prevent problems with rental properties. As a result, specialized customers make some huge profits from rental investments.

“Our goal is to enable our team to provide the best possible service through the rental ICU.”

The executive team at Specialized has identified a service gap in the asset management industry, and has therefore prioritized automation, enabling the company to continuously provide concession-level services. Specialized has also invested heavily in pre-analysis analysis for rental ICU to make more timely and accurate decisions and advise clients on the long-term value of their investments. Mr. Jackson said: “The rental ICU allows us to be the best in our industry, our customers need a great deal of touch and asset management, regardless of who we are, and they use the best technology. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest level of trust and transparency in the competition, enabling our team to provide as much service as possible through the rental ICU.

Mr. Jackson has extensive experience in asset management, technology, finance and procurement. Prior to Specialization, it worked on OneProp, which was later acquired by NRT. It focuses on data analysis, practical efficiency, and the development of standardized reporting. The extensive experience in the post-purchase integration of tens of thousands of homes has enabled Specialized to accelerate the growth of the rental IC.

The main goal of Specialized Assets Management is to integrate team experience with advanced technology to strengthen the company as a leading asset management company in the industry. Specialized has proven that the use of robust technology to streamline processes and analyze data facilitates a great asset management experience for customers. The company’s first approach was the pressure behind the construction of the rental IQ, and on the same day the rent, smart maintenance, over 72% of the rent and maintenance standards are unprecedented in our industry.

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Specialized Property Management is one of the largest and fastest growing real estate management providers. The Company provides comprehensive property management for homeowners, investors and institutional funds, including general rental, marketing, refinancing, maintenance, collections, compliance, real estate acquisition and accounting services and accounting services. The Strict Management Protocol is supported by an experienced team and a proprietary technology platform owned by a team and new pioneering data-based implementation.

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