Spark Fly Powers del Taco Restaurants Dell Yes! Reward program with asynchronous midware technology

Atlanta – (Business wire– Sparkfly, an award-winning customer engagement solutions company that connects market leaders with real consumer behavior, delivers a loyalty program to enhance the technology behind Dell Taco Restaurants (NASDAQ: TACO). Rewards. Del Taco is Mexico’s second-largest fast food restaurant *, headquartered in Lake Forest, California, and about 600 establishments in 16 states.

Sparkfly Sales Point Integration and Central Warehouse Technology serve as an integral part of the program, integrating those systems and streamlining the real-time data capture process by connecting those systems. The company’s technology facilitates seamless shop and mobile POS transactions and ultimately returns user rewards. Yes! Rewards, customers can get more free food and get in a new level system.

“Everything we do at Dell Taco is designed to exceed our guests’ expectations, which is why our loyalty and rewards program and the new Dell Yes! According to Erin Levzou, Vice President of Marketing Technology at Dell Taco, a time-honored application for our unique and valued customers. “Sparkfly enables us to better connect with our customers in a way that meets our long-term goals and satisfies the needs of our loyal users.”

Sparkfly founder and CEO Katherine Tabor said: “It is an incredible honor to be able to work with Del Taco and create an unparalleled user experience for their loyal customers. “The ultimate goal of Spark Fly is always to bring excellence in the work we do to today’s digital adult brands. I look forward to seeing Dell’s growth and success! Rewards program for years to come.

Spark Fly Middleser technology is designed to resolve costly conflicts between internal systems and innovations by modernizing brands and updating existing IT systems. The technology allows brands to innovate existing third-party platforms and applications, distribution channels and other integrations and prepare them for further development.

About Dell Taco Restaurants, Inc.

The NASDAQ ፡ TACO offers a variety of Mexican and American favorites, such as burritos and fries, in a restaurant-run kitchen at every restaurant. Del Taco menu items taste better because they are made with fresh ingredients like fried chicken and carne asada steak, fresh home-made guacamole, freshly roasted cheddar cheese, empty-cooked soft beans and cream cheese cucumber blanco.

Founded in 1964, Del Taco serves more than three million guests each week in some 600 restaurants in 16 states. Dell Taco’s commitment is to provide guests with the best quality and valuable food for cooking, cutting, slicing and roasting empty dishes. Visit for more information.

* Number of classes.

About Sparkfly

Sparkfly is a discount management solutions company that helps marketers boost customer acquisition and loyalty programs by integrating instant customer behavior into online and in-store sales. Our platform allows merchants to create and manage discount campaigns dynamicly, distribute single-use coupons across all digital and physical marketing channels, and instantly measure effectiveness. Innovative QSRs and retailers, such as chipset, pizza, and great clips, use Spark Flight technology for seamless communication between marketing technologies and POS systems. For the first time, traders have a real-time understanding of discount redemption, ROI in marketing campaigns and media costs, sales behavior and customer purchasing knowledge. In the end, we encourage brands to understand and engage their customers individually by updating retail systems with instant marketing technology. Visit to learn more.

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