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Apollo’s landing trip was a small step, but it was a big step forward for space millionaires.

Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson have shown that it is safe to travel near the skies this month, and most importantly, they look like Lark. Because the planet has so many problems, it is safe to escape them even within the 10-minute orbit of their ancient origins and the Virgin Galaxy.

The evolving ecosystem of beginners is trying to commercialize space by building from low-launch technologies to small satellites.

But beyond the spectacular, there was a profound message: the Amazonianism has begun. What used to be a large state is now becoming a growing region of technology. Those who sold you the Internet now sell you the moon and the stars.

Amazon founder and still shareholder Bezos announced in a press release on Tuesday that the Blue Origins is open. Tickets are generally not available, but flight sales are already close to $ 100 million. Bezos did not disclose the price for each of them, but said “the demand is very high.”

The question was widely reported by Besson, New Mexico, last week, even before the Bessos international media arrived in Van Horn, Texas. See carefully organized event. The world’s oldest astronaut and the world’s smallest astronaut has been shut down with a $ 200 million charity donation.

Elon Musk, the CEO of rival Space and a skeptic of Bezos’ space dreams, was forced to say congratulations. And so did Braso. Branson first had the privilege of flying and boasting. Musk went to see Branson.

All this space activity is not only the beginning of something new, but also a replay of the 1990s. At the beginning of those decades, the Internet was the property of the government for a few studies and communications. Finally, Bezos made it a place where everyone could buy things. Over the next two decades, the technology has grown into Big Tech, raising fears that Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple are now more powerful.

Outdoor space can now start the same journey from border to large corporations.

For decades, NASA did not have enough money to do great things like the Apollo program. Trump administration He ordered the return to the moon in 2024. The Biden administration approved the goal, not the date. Even if that happens, companies like Space X and Blue Orig will need help. In the 1960s, in contrast to the Apollo program, trips to the next month were offered abroad.

Small space jobs are more open to entrepreneurs.

Axum’s chief financial officer, who plans to build his first business, said: “When we look at where the universe is today, it is really similar to the early days of the Internet. Says West Griffin. Space Station.

The space business started in the 1990s during the dot-com boom, but it took a long time to bear fruit. This month’s flight He remembers 1996 when he announced the nonprofit X Prize. Donate $ 10 million for the first time a non-governmental organization (NGO) to build a reusable spacecraft up to 100 kilometers (62.5 miles) high. Again in 2 weeks.

The winner of the 2004 design was SpaceShipOne, which was designed by Burt Ruth, a flight engineer who designed a Voyager aircraft around the world without stopping or refueling. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen died in 2018.

Brazon also enjoyed the X award. Linn In 1999, it was licensed by Virgin Galaxy and licensed by SpaceShipOne Technology. In three years, Branson wanted a large copy so that he could start a commercial flight. Instead, it took 17 years.

Like Magan Crawford, a management company with a company that specializes in spaceframing, the ecosystem can expand from start-up technologies to small satellites to gold-plated vineyards and shovels. We are trying to build the universe for business by building things. Save it.

“People are looking around: ‘This is a strong space industry. Where did he come from? ” Crawford said. “Well, it’s built in order and intentionally, and taking us here means a lot of work over the last three decades.

Investors have invested $ 7 billion in 2020 to finance start-up projects, according to Bris Tech.

“We are all trying to do what Jeff, Richard and Elon did 20 years ago. From the beginning it was to build a business in space and to build a business on earth. Beyond that, he builds a big business. Astara General Manager Chris Kemp said it is a startup focused on offering small, cheap and repetitive startups.

The first space race, developed in the 1960s and developed in the 1970s, was won by the US government, which was unpopular and unattractive. The Americans won the race, but critics argued that this was a mistake at a time when many domestic issues needed attention and money.

At this time? It’s private now, but it’s almost the same. The petition for the return of Bessos to the land raised 180,000 imaginary signatures. Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren tweeted:

The poet tweeted a short-sighted space project written in memory of EE Cummings.

Attacking the universe

Maybe I don’t understand

Space represents hope

For many people

More than 250,000 likes were posted on Twitter, and the following responses were received. No one attacks space. Behind the exploited manpower, we are being attacked by a wealthy millionaire. ”

In an interview with CNN Critics from the Texas launch site Bezos said Monday that they are “approximately right.”

“We have to do both,” he said. “We have many problems on earth today, and we must solve them, and we must always look to the future.”

But it is clear which attitude caught his attention. As a high school graduate in 1982, Bezos spoke to millions of people about the need to live in a huge floating colony. “The whole idea is to protect the planet,” says the Miami Herald at the time, with the ultimate goal of “turning the planet into a huge national park.” I did.

Bezos said the same thing this week. It was a Utopian dream with many complex moving parts. On a small scale, as a retailer concept, it sells everything and delivers hours. And to everyone’s surprise, he did his job.

Branson is launching another small spacecraft, the Virgin Orbit, into orbit. It does not imply a mask to spread a great vision or civilization to the solar system like Bezos.

The dream of Mastian Marti began with the search for a little stranger. He wanted to send a plant to Mars and see if it could grow there. But the cost of starting a small experiment was enormous. Even Russian alternatives are not available. So in 2002, Masc founded Sparksx.

Today he wants to send people to Mars, not to plants. Space X is currently developing a lucrative satellite network starring Starlink to generate enough starter for travel and funding for the Mars program. ..

As those goals grew, the company became a giant in the space business. NASA relies on space X rockets and rocket to launch astronauts and cargo into the International Space Station, and civilian, government and military satellite operators are launching recycled Falcon 9 rockets.

NASA recently awarded a contract to Space X to use Starter Prototype for its lunar program. The deal was challenged by Blue Origen and another company, Dietics. Millionaires will be playing to win all the friendships this week.

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