Solidia Technologies Russell Hill, PhD, as the new CTO

Pistachio, NJ- (Business Wire) -Solidia Technologies® today named Russell Hill, PhD leader and inventor of the construction materials industry, as the next Chief Technology Officer.

I am thrilled to meet Soldia, a technology leader who is pushing the envelope on innovation in cement and concrete, as I spend my career applying technology and science to develop building materials and construction products, ”said Hill. My goal is to accelerate the development of the Soldian R&D roadmap, not only to provide immediate value to customers, but also to show the critical potential of the global construction industry for the transition to digital production and solutions that benefit society economically and environmentally. . ”

Hill will soon be coming to Solidia with world leader Material and Construction Products, 25 years later, having recently served as the team’s chief creative officer. As a senior innovator and R&D executive, RID has developed a comprehensive innovation strategy with a broad vision for the future, covering a wide range of initiatives covering new product development, procurement investments, digital growth, customer experience and advanced manufacturing improvements. A.D. In 2012, he led the discovery, development and growth of a new, green product category that opened new markets and geography to Boral.

He holds a doctorate in chemistry from the University of North Texas, a field of career and needs, and coal-fired products, cement and fly ash chemistry, concrete technology and strength, geopolimer, mineral filler, activated carbon, chemical compounds and polyurethane compounds. He is the inventor of 56 inventions with more than 20 different families. He is a member of the American Concrete Institute, ASTM, the American Chemical Society and Alpha Chi Sigma.

“Russell Hill brings an unparalleled wealth of expertise and experience, and we are thrilled to add it to Solidia’s talent list,” said CEO Brian Calblesh. Russell’s leadership will not be worth it as we carry out the mission of Solidia to deliver the next generation of sustainable building materials and construction products.

CTO Nicholas DeCristofaro, Ph.D. Will be replaced. “While we are excited for Nick to enter the next phase of his life, we will lose the knowledge and in-depth knowledge that helped Solidia to take the lead in the carbon reduction competition. There Kalbfleisch. As we take Soldia to the next level, Russell builds on that solid foundation by incorporating a deeper understanding of self and R&D.

About Solidia Technologies

Based in Piscaway, NJ, USA, Solidia Technologies® enables manufacturers to produce superior building and construction materials using low carbon cement and concrete. Investors Immediate Venture, Zero Carbon Partners, CPP Investments, Practical Energy Investments, Pre-Investments, PVA Capital, John Dor, BP, OGC, BP, OGC Climate Investments, Bill Jo. Lafarj Holkim, Total Carbon Venture Venture, Air Liquid Venture Capital (ALIAD) and other private investors. Follow Solidia on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, And YouTube.

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