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Anvil, p. (January 24, 2022) – The Stevens Institute of Technology softball team, the current conference champion, has been nominated for the pre-season Coach of the Year 2222 Mac Freedom Prize, the league office announced. Voting took place between the nine main coaches of the congregation.

Stevens received 59 points from five of the nine primary votes to win the pre-tournament season. Arcadia added two points and 56 points. Misercordia finished last in the top two with 55 points. King (43) and Desalus (33) added five.

A.D. In 2021, Stevens won the MAC Freedom 15-3 with a record of 22-10, winning his first conference title and advancing to the NCAA for the first time in program history. The Ducks have won nine of their last 10 games and closed the regular season, finishing 6-2 in the Mac Independence Championship to become the sixth school to win the league title. The Ducks claim two of the last four MAC Freedom Awards last year. Samantha Shatin Best Player of the Year and Jesse Masur Getting the Best Pitch of the Year. Shatine, who was named Mac’s Female of the Year, later became the program’s first national pasture coaches’ association.

Stevens is set to open the 2022 season on February 20, when the ducks are scheduled to take over at New York University. Conference game kicks off March 26 The Ducks head to Williamport, Pennsylvania to pick up Lee.

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