Snap launches Arcadia Studio to create AR ads

Spen on Tuesday will launch studios to help studios create advanced real-time ads and experiences to enhance the use of computer-generated images that can overlap images in real-world view.

Snapchat, the owner of the photo messaging app, has become popular with young people for the first time with the added reality (R), for example, to transfer dog ears to someone’s photo or add a hot dog to dance on video.

Since then, Spain has been promoting technology, launching AR-enabled goggles, and launching innovative technology that allows users to experiment with clothing.

The new studio, Arcadia, will help brands build AR experiences not only for Snapchat but also any other social media apps or websites that want to store content, said Jeff Miller, head of global innovation strategy at Snap.

“The goal is to push the limits in AR,” he said.

P&G Beauty, Verizon Communications and entertainment company WWE are Arcadia’s first record subscribers, which means the studio will host brands’ R ‘work and strategy.’

Arkadia, which operates as part of Snap, said he works with companies on project-based capacity or advises brands and advertising agencies through workshops.

Spain will notify Arcadia leaders in the coming weeks, and the department is expected to have 25 to 50 employees in the next few months, Miller said.

On Monday, Arcadia launched its first AR project at a fast food chain in one of New York’s restaurants.

Go to the restaurant’s go itors, you can open the Snapchat app to try out “Shack” on clothes and buy items on the phone or scan the code to see a dancing burger, hot dog and French fries.

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