SMARTSolution Technology announces the best from February to date

Chicago, IL, March 03, 2022 (Globe Newsvier) – FOMO CORP. ( – US OTC: FOMC) is a subsidiary of SMARTSolution Technologies LP (SST) for record revenues. February 2022

SST performance is impressive. See below:

February 2019 $ 89,188.00 February 2020 $ 195,453.00 February 2021 $ 474,678.00 February 2022 $ 1,686,324.44

We expect revenue to continue to trend.

“The acquisition of SST will define this company and take us to a whole new level,” said Vick Grover, CEO of FOMO CORP. We want to sell fresh air to the schools and help reopen the country.


FOMO CORP is a publicly traded company focused on business inclusion and acceleration. The company invests and advises emerging companies with a commitment to growth. FOMO can provide direct investment and bonds – owned by the majority and minorities, as well as partnerships – to reach target markets to expand their target markets and provide options for becoming their own sole public company.

About SST

SMARTSolution Technologies, a Pittsburgh-based audiovisual systems integration company, develops presentation, teleconferencing and collaboration systems for businesses, education and nonprofits.

Future Statements

In this press release we look forward to hearing from you, FOMO CORP. Capital markets to implement the Growth Strategy (1933 Guarantee Act Section 27a, Section 21E of the 1934 Securities Exchange Act, and the term Privacy Disclosure Law) In it means “statements of the future.” A.D. 1995. Such forward-looking statements include risks and doubts and may change at any time, and our actual results may vary from expected results. The Company has no obligation to modify or release any of these forthcoming statements, except as provided by law to reflect events or circumstances after the date of this statement. The FOMO business strategy outlined in this press release faces countless risks, most importantly, whether the company is financially successful. In addition, although the company has issued a letter of intent to acquire additional companies, there is no guarantee that any transaction will result in a purchase. No information in this form shall be construed as expressing any impression of the Company’s future income, financial condition or stock price.


FOMO CORP. Madison Ryan VP Investor Contact (386) 287-6950

SMARTSolution Technologies Mitchell Schwartz, CEO Mitchell

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