Smartphones, Laptops & Audioball Gadgets Showcase CES 2022 Technologies

CES, one of the world’s largest technology trade fairs, will be in person on Wednesday in Las Vegas since the outbreak began. While the conference It may look a little different. A.D. By 2022, it is still showcasing a mix of innovative and fun products.

In addition to laptops, tablets and smart phones, the event offers a wide range of audiobook gadgets, including wet headphones (yes you read it right), smart bulbs that control your sleep, and smart shower technology that fills the pool itself.

Check out some of the most popular products based on CES 2022 Company announcements and Tuesday Press Day.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Smartphone

Samsung’s new Galaxy S21 FE 5G smartphone – FE “Fan Edition” – takes some of the best features from the existing S21 line into a more affordable device. Launched at $ 699, the smartphone, which will launch on January 11, will cost $ 100 less than last year’s S21 processors, upgrade costs, and a triple-camera system. The 6.4-inch dynamic AMOLED display is slightly larger than the S21 and comes with an aluminum frame, a small camera and a fingerprint scanner. It may not be as shiny as the S21, but it is cheap and comes in a variety of colors – olive, lavender, white or silver. It can make it a compelling option.

Dell ALIENWARE Flexible Game Setup

Alienware, Dell’s gameming hardware division, has introduced a game suite called Nix, a concept that allows you to play games on a PC screen in the living room. It is off using a single controller. The system, currently in prototype mode, is based on edge computing, which means higher bandwidth and less latency when playing.

Cracked Smart Light Bulb

Sengled’s new smart light bulb monitors your sleep without having to wear a smart watch. The lighting company has added radar technology to its biometric measurements such as heart rate, body temperature and other important signals. The company said that a number of Bluetooth-enabled light bulbs used in the home could create a network that “can detect a person’s behavior and send a message to help if someone has fallen.”

Bird Friend Smart Bird Feeder

If you want to get closer and closer to the feathered friends who visit your backyard, Bird Buddy – $ 199 camera-enabled bird feeder – can help. The feeder, now pre-ordered and shipped in June, connects to your home WiFi network, uploads photos and videos of visitors, and streams them directly to your phone app. The app uses Artificial Intelligence to let you know what birds are watching and saves an album that keeps track of bird visitors to share with family and friends.

KOHLER Smart Bathing Technology

Tired of waiting for your bathroom to fill up at the end of the day? Most people probably never thought of it that way, but Kohler has introduced a new PerfectFill Smart Bathing technology that allows users to pre-select and fill their bathroom preferences (and their children or partners). Voice command. The product, which starts at $ 2,700, has not yet been shipped but has a link to let customers know when it is available on the site.

Dog nose prints, temporary tattoo printer and headphones

Samsung C-Lab Launches – The company’s internal accelerator Program – Not sad this year, with some unusual but exciting products. The Petno app lets you identify your dog’s nose prints instead of using implanted microchips. The app uses AI to analyze specific skin folds in the dog’s nose – unchanged over time, like fingerprints – and to help reunite pets with their owners.

You can create temporary tattoos that start at $ 199 by choosing the Prinker Korea App design and printing it on your skin with a hand-held device. And Linkface ‘ (The beginner has missed Kickstarter’s goal since last year, but has delayed funding due to problems with headphones and plans to redesign the product.)

John Deere’s self-driving tractor

John Deir has long offered a GPS-guided automatic leader to tractors, but the new model coming later this year will plow all by itself. With an independent farm tractor equipped with six stereo cameras and multiple sensors, farmers can monitor the process using a smartphone app that provides instant information and video. Meanwhile, the built-in AI monitors obstacles or problems. If something goes wrong, the tractor may stop and ask the farmer to help.

DELL XPS 13 Plus Laptop

Dell has made a few significant changes to its XPS 13 laptop, especially the “Capable Function Row” instead of F keys – which allows you to adjust brightness and volume – unlike Apple’s controversial digital touch bar. But earlier reviews praised the change, with the introduction of the glass haptic trackpad, growing in thinner laptops. The stylish premium laptop will start at $ 1,100 this spring.

Samsung Fristle

Samsung Pure New Freeware Gadget ($ 899) offers the ability to customize your Samsung Smart TVs with mobility. Inside less than two pounds, versatile, A wonderful projector creates fun entertainment experiences anytime, anywhere. When you are in bed, play music, display decorative lights, project videos on the wall or ceiling.


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