Smart Haptics 2021 to offer Microsoft, Ford, Toyota, Loffel, Ultralip, Boreas technologies and more

San Diego – (Business wire–Smart Haptics 2021 arrives in San Diego, CA and online, December 1-2, 2021.

This two-day event is a technical conference focusing on the haptic technology business. The theme for the 2021 grief- The technology of tomorrow is booming today – the expanding world of haptics.

Experts from various supply chains will gather at the event to develop a balanced, informative, and enjoyable program. Speakers include: Microsoft, Ford, Toyota Research Institute, Lofelt, Boreas Technologies Inc., Express, Sensors, Inc., And many more.

This program provides early insights into key market drivers and new opportunities. Topics include current trends, multimodal haptics, advancement technology, safety and health, gaming, XR expansion, automotive haptics, the future of the industry and more.

Featured panels encourage group discussion and problem solving. Panels include the need for accessibility by VR / MR, identified Interhaptics, XR Association, And Equal introduction, The future of automotive technology, identified Grewus, Ford, Toyota, Ultraleap, and Moving magnet technologies, And industrial platforms and SDOs – we need both, they are identified Haptics Industry Forum And Nanoport Technology Inc.

Auto panel haptic automotive technology discusses the future – new products, technologies and innovations.

Experts representing the entire value chain are present. Attendees spend their time securely and socially remotely networking opportunities in the form of physical activity and online creative virtual reality. Included in-person program is evening networking reception and network lunch.

Smithers is working with the site to ensure social isolation, safe food handling and clean meeting places. For those who are unable to attend in person, use the virtual presence option. This includes creative network opportunities, Live streaming content, and the ability to view presentations and access the forum for 90 days.

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