SiteMinder joins Hopper to combine online business and travel fintech for hotel benefits |

The partnership gives SiteMinder more than 33,000 hotels in 150 countries new access to modern travelers, which can directly access Hopper’s 70 million users.


OpenMost Hotel Business Platform SiteMinder has partnered with Hopper, one of the most downloaded travel booking applications in North America, to bring together the benefits of online business and travel fintech in unprecedented proportions for hotels. The partner site SiteMinder, which has more than 33,000 hotels in 150 countries, will have new access to modern travelers, with 70 million direct users of Hopper, known as 70% Generation Z and Millennium.

Hopper’s appeal to small travel consumers is based on the company’s unique use of information that allows users to secure the best deals. The mobile-first travel app uses an estimated one trillion points per month for more than eight years of historical data and trillions of archives to create multiple ‘Travel Fintech’ products that improve customer travel. This resource allows Hopper to provide its users with algorithm-based recommendations on when and where to wait for a room, as well as the two required features of SiteMinder, with the possibility of ‘tying’ a room price with a small deposit. It has been identified as today’s ‘dynamic traveler’, guided by new practices and the need to better control their stay. To enable the latter feature, Hopper guarantees the users a ‘frozen’ price and if the price is high it pays the difference and offers options if the unit is not available.

In addition, Hopper facilitates access among young travelers by using only social media platforms, such as TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram, where online travel agencies use search engines and meta search to find users.

Hopper’s appeal to young travel consumers has seen the company grow its revenue by more than 300% a year. Today’s partnership with SiteMinder is the first since Hopper recently raised $ 175 million.

According to James Bishop, Senior Director of SiteMinder Global Ecosystem System, “This partnership brings two unified perspectives to open up the hotel business world and access to technology.” We are happy to be able to bring flexible travelers to our hotel doors.

“Our customers are young, up-to-date and brand agnostic, but tomorrow they will be corporate travelers, which will give our hotel partners a great opportunity to build brand loyalty now,” said David Lewis, Hopper Hotel Supply Manager. In addition to our app business, we are seeing significant sales from our Hopperper Cloud Partnerships – B2B initiative Other travel brands are seamlessly integrating and distributing content with Hopper Fintech and Travel Agent. Through these partnerships, Hopper is gaining access to new demographic information, such as large consumers. A.D. By 2022, we will be partnering with global leaders such as SiteMinder.

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