Singapore-based Weifing Technology plans to launch Gertex in August using NFT technology to transform e-commerce e-commerce.

Cultural resources, such as money, are “explosive”. For example, if you lend money to someone One hundred dollarsYou do not need a borrower to pay for that One hundred dollars Math On the other hand, if you lend a special oil painting to someone, they expect the same exact oil painting to be returned and in such a case the oil painting is described as ‘non-explosive’.

NTT, Called the ‘Fungible Token’, is part of the discovery of non-explosive digital assets. NTT allows holders to verify the authenticity and ownership of digital assets. Although most of the NFT marketplaces are currently focused on digital arts, games and music, fashion and sports collectors, NFT opens up unlimited opportunities for creativity.

Weifing Technology Launch JERITEX in August 2021, Will be integrated with partner e-commerce platforms via NFT portals. Many e-commerce platforms, which specialize in fashion, cosmetics, smartphones, sportswear and other luxury items, are interested in partnering with Wi-Fi technology, and can offer consumers a wide range of payment options beyond current options. , Mastercard®, PayPal®, AliPay®, VNPay®, etc.

WEIFENG NFT technology allows e-commerce users to easily trade and trade goods USDR, Costan Coin, which is denominated in US dollars and can be traded on e-commerce sites. The list of WEIFENG Technology partner e-commerce platforms will be announced in the 3rd quarter of this year.

Starting in August, Gertex is one of the solutions in the Wi-Fi technology ecosystem. JERITEX operates on the Binance Smart Chain (“BSC”) protocol, and is developing NFT (“Explosive Token”) payment gateways and payment applications with stable coins aimed at transforming the e-commerce business. Over the next two years, JERITEX will be one of the top 5 He wants to be one of the exchanges.

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