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Sunnivale, CA (Kego) – The start-up of Sunnival is helping many people to gain technical skills without the need for experience as many have lost their jobs and lost their unemployment benefits. ..

Andre Blizenko was involved in construction sales and project management, but was fired during the outbreak.

“They started cutting things, firing people, and I got cut,” says Bresenko.

Most of his clients were in the technology industry and had been interested in entry techniques for some time.

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How to get involved in IT, how to get involved in IT? I asked for it all. ”

Not just Blizenko. He wanted to know when Max Glubochansky moved from Israel to the Bay Area. How do you get a job in technology?

“As a refugee in the United States, I did not know what to do after I earned my bachelor’s degree in Israel. I received an article from Forbes about the happiest job in the United States, and the QA exam was chosen as one of them. “There is a key to good luck.

After joining the boot camp and finally entering the industry, Glubochansky began to help his friends and family do the same.

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“After a while, a lot of people came to me and started asking for help,” says Glubochanki.

He soon realized that he had a business idea. He and Co-Founder Professional List.

“Computer science, programming language, technical background are not required,” says Glubochanky.

Participants can choose to pay approximately $ 3,000 in advance or approximately $ 900 in advance, after which they will receive 15% of their pre-tax salary for the next two years.

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Glubochanki says he will not charge any future students who have experienced major problems from time to time.

It is estimated that graduates earn between $ 65,000 and $ 100,000 a year.

Bilsenko is one of those graduates.

“When you enter the industry, you have a chance to grow,” says Blizenko.

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He is currently working as a software quality engineer at Google.

He continued: “That is amazing.

The introduction of silicone valleys to train technicians for out-of-box work even in the event of an outbreak.

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Silicon Valley Startup Professional Non-Technical Training for Technology Works

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