Sikona has 3.7 m to measure battery technology worldwide

Cindy, August 11, 2021 (PRNewswire) – Sikona Battery Technologies PT Limited (“Sikona”), Battery Materials Technology Company, has successfully raised $ 3.7 million in the pre-series A funding round.

The funding round is co-sponsored by Artsian, an international organization, and American-based Riversston Ventures Riverstone Holdings Popular participation in Chaos Ventures (new York), Bandera CapitalAustralia), SDGx Ventures (Singapore), And several prominent Australian climate technology investors and international battery equipment specialists.

This latest capital injection follows the company 1 m The seed is in July 2020, The prize a 704 km The Australian Federal Government has called for ‘accelerating trade’. November 2020, And Sikona participated in the Summer 2021 Climate Technology Team of the famous Startmate Accelerator.

Sikona, June 2019 With an experienced entrepreneur, Christian Jordan, And Andrew Minnet, A well-known material scientist, is developing a later-generation battery technology used in anode (negative electrodes) in lithium-ion batteries that stimulate electrical mobility.

Sikona has been selling innovative silicon-graphite integrated battery anode and adhesive technology technology and materials over the past decade. Australian Institute of Innovation (IIM) At Wollongong University.

Sikona’s current generation of silicon-graphite integrated anode materials offer 50% to 100% higher capacity than conventional “graphite-only” materials, and as a result, their cell-based customers can charge more than 50% of cell power density than current Li-ion batteries. Reduces the cost and time it takes to increase the electric vehicle range.

According to a recent report by FBC, which is a partner of Sikona Partnership, the battery industry can contribute. $ 7.4 billion Every year to Australia A.D. It will support 34,700 jobs by 2030.

One of the six opportunities identified in the report Australia To expand its presence in the battery value chain, it is necessary to establish “the ability to produce active materials to serve the global value chain.” It is here that the next generation will play a key role in the development of active anode products.

With 4TWh (similar to 4,000 gigabytes of factories), the global lithium battery capacity is growing rapidly with more than four million tons of anode material per year.

Sikona, an Australian-based company, is also keeping a close eye on the deployment of commercial scale factories. Europe And North America.

Founder and CEO of Sikona Christian Jordan They said: “The current density of lithium-ion batteries is limiting performance, which has led to a number of issues, including high pre-costs and a low range for electric vehicles. It is our mission to provide next-generation materials that can be expanded at an affordable price to our customers.

Of Sikona Unique silicon-graphite anode products use silicon in batteries, but due to our simple and scalable manufacturing process, they are relatively inexpensive.

We They are launching a number of products, including adhesive systems, associated carbon and active anode materials. We also address key supply chain issues by taking the lead in deploying our technology Australia, Europe, And North America, Thus undermining China’s strong supply chain.

We They are very grateful for the support of our growing international investors. Our next step is to deploy a Sikona pilot factory at our station in Wollolongo, to qualify our equipment with international battery manufacturers, and to conduct extensive battery testing programs.

Alexandra Clinic-Ross, Commented by Artesian cleantech portfolio manager: “From the beginning, Sikona Group was impressed by the combination of technical and commercial efficiency, battery market and supply chains, and the challenges of developing new materials from laboratory to commercial. We are amazed. They are happy with their rapid growth and continued to support Christians, Andrew, and the Sikona group..»

Kevin Wang, Said vice president of Riversston Holdings: We are pleased to support Sikona with this financial support as we develop lithium-ion batteries to develop ground-breaking battery technology and accelerate its success in emerging markets. Europe And America. “

Zarmin Pavri, partner of SDGx Ventures: “At SDGx, we are investing in deep technology companies that have the potential to make a significant and measurable impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions as they move to transform the world’s largest industries. Sikona clearly has that capacity. ”


Christian Jordan


About Sikona

Sikona develops battery technology used in lithium-ion batteries that stimulate electrical mobility and renewable energy storage. Sikona is commercializing innovative silicon-integrated battery anode technology developed over the past decade at the Australian Institute of Innovation (IIM). Sikona’s current generation of silicon-integrated anode technology delivers 50% to 100% higher capacity than conventional graphite anodes, and anode materials can provide more than 50% higher cell strength than current Li-ion batteries.

In addition, Sikona’s water-based binding with 3D network structure, improved electro-concentration and self-healing properties will significantly increase the next-generation anode cycle.

Sikona uses shelf materials in a highly scalable and efficient manufacturing process to produce active anode materials and polymer binders.

Sikona seeks to produce and sell high-performance active anode and adhesive materials in the fast-growing battery market through a strategic partnership with established and well-known supply chain partner companies.

About Artemis

Artesian is an international alternative investment management company engaged in public and private debt, purchasing capital and investment strategies. The Artesian emblem of the Exotic Mill represents the organization’s mission to touch unknown values ​​and provide lasting performance in difficult environments. Artesian Pure Energy seed fund invests in startups that accelerate global energy transition. The fund has invested in more than 60 climate-focused investments Australia.

About Riverstone Ventures

Riverstone Ventures Founded in 2000, Global Energy and Energy-Based Private Investment Company is a partner of Riversston Holdings. David M. Leuschen And Pierre F. Lapier, Jr. Above $ 41 billion Improved equity and debt capital to date. Riverstone is a leading franchise in low-carbon investment, purchasing and growing capital investments in the energy industry. In the low-carbon forums, the company’s pioneering investment vehicles – mobility, battery equipment, solar, wind and renewable fuels – will last for more than 15 years. $ 5.1 billion Dedicated to the category since 2005 and above $ 1.6 billion In 2020 alone, low carbon offsets were raised. With offices in new York, Menlo Park, London, Houston And City of MexicoThe company has conducted more than 200 transactions North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, And Australia.

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