Seven years after the launch of Google Fitness, more than 100 million installations on the Google Play Store – Technology News, Pest Post – Ohio News

Google has a reason to celebrate as Google Fitness The app has been installed more than 100 million times on Android. Development first appeared Android Police This is a big milestone, as two years after the tech giants reached 50 million downloads, it was over 100 million. Google Play Store 2019

The app, released in early 2014, was not very popular with users. In 2018, improvements have been made to enable more data collection in areas such as monitoring, heart rate monitoring and training. Recent updates include improved sleep monitoring support for 2nd generation Nest Hub and Pixel smartphones with heart rate monitoring.

Google friendly The latest update is 2.61 Fitness that allows users to view health information organized into six categories – Activity, Diet, Basics, Anthropometry, Sleep and Menstrual Cycle.[参照]Tabs now organize your information better than homepage cards and floating action buttons.

Google FitnessIn the iOS version, the app can view additional data types from Apple Health Support. Users can view “Connected Apps” by tapping the Overflow menu in each Google Account settings section.

In the July update, Google changed the way “calories burned” and “total distance” were calculated to make it easier for other apps to connect. Google Fitness“This data is used to” calculate more detailed parameters for certain activities “, but does not include what users see directly in the fitness app.

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Seven years after Google launched fitness, more than 100 million installations on the Google Play Store: Technology News, Prisons

Source Link Google has released over 100 million installations on the Google Play Store seven years after its launch: Technology News, Prisons

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