September 9 – Top Seven Updates in Tech News Today

Here are the top seven things you should know about Tech with Hans India on September 9, 2021. get started …

The iPhone 14 Pro Max leaked in pictures before launching the iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 series is set to release on September 14. A week before the announcement of the iPhone 13 line, the popular in-house Job Processor released the details of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Telana became the first state to launch drone tests for vaccine supplies

Telaga became the first state in India to launch a pilot race to deliver vaccines to health care centers in remote areas. A two-day drone test drive under the state government’s ‘Medicine from the Sky’ project began in Vicarabad on Thursday. Vikrabad District Commissioner K. Nikila officially inaugurated the pilot race on the field.

The latest Android 12 beta brings new designs and widgets

Google has released the latest pre-release version of some of the visual and behavioral changes we saw before the successful launch of the operating system and the announcement of Android 12.

Reality 8i, Reality 8s, Reality Pad Launch Today – Watch Live

Chinese manufacturer Rilme Reelme 8i, Reelme 8s and Realme Pad are set to launch in India today. The two smartphones are a new addition to the Realme 8 series, and the Remime Pad will be the company’s first tablet. All three new devices come with a MediaTek processor.

Twitter communities take on Facebook and Reddit groups

Twitter has unveiled a new feature that calls for communities. Allows users to approach people with similar interests. It’s the same with Facebook and Reddit groups. Twitter communities are currently being tested on iOS and the web, and Android users are ready to get it soon.

The first “Google Meeting” device is a $ 200 phone dock

Video conference hardware may seem attractive, but it is often very expensive. A $ 27 Desk 27 is a perfect example for a Google meeting. Fortunately, along with that expensive meeting machine, Google also announced a program “designed for Google meetings.”

To allow Gmail users to make voice calls from the app, a new design is coming soon

Google is adding the ability to “invite” another Google user with Google Meeting, but not in the Meet app, but in the Gmail mobile app. The feature basically allows Gmail users to call another Gmail client similar to voice calls and join Google meetings directly through the app.


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