September 2 – Top Seven Updates in Tech News Today

Here are the top seven things you should know about Tech with Hans India on September 2, 2021. get started …

He explained – all about VPN and why the parliamentary committee wants to block it

Parliamentary Home Affairs Committee The Indian government has banned VPN services in the country. The commission said VPNs “allow criminals to remain anonymous online.”

Apple is admired by iPhone users around the world; check out

Apple is planning a surprise for iPhone users around the world and it is something it has never done before. In iOS 14.8, we get x.8 release for iOS. Never before has x.8 iOS been released.

Google Maps, Search and Assistant now provides information on the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine

Google Maps, Search and Google Assistant announces more information about vaccine availability and appointments in India. In addition to the address, users can view “Vaccines offered here” and the price.

Instagram Down – Errors in messages when global disruption affects millions of users

Instagram was disabled or could not load any post. Some users have problems sending direct messages (DMS) to friends. Instagram has not commented on the same.

Whatsapp transfer from iPhone to Android is free and easy

WhatsApp free transfers from iPhone to Android – The moment that iPhone users have been waiting for – WhatsApp now allows users on iOS to transfer their conversations to one Android device.

The iPhone 13 was spotted on “Ted Laso” on the Apple TV + comedy show

In two separate scenes, an unknown iPhone is believed to be in the second chapter of the series “Signal” and the new device is the iPhone 13.

Rudolf Wiggle – Google Doodle celebrates 138th birthday of Polish creator

Today, Google celebrated the 138th birthday of Rudolf Wegel, Polish inventor, doctor and pathologist. Wegel developed the first effective vaccine against typhoid fever – one of the oldest and most contagious diseases.


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