Science News Summary: A Dutch teenager never ordered Amazon on a space shuttle. 150 million-year-old fossil of modern crocodile found in Chile fossil Technology

The following is a summary of current scientific news briefs.

The Dutch teenager on the flight said he had never ordered Base from Amazon

This week, the world’s youngest astronaut, a Dutch teenager, told billionaire Jeff Bezos on that he would never mourn.

18-year-old physics student Oliver Demon Bezos, his brother Mark Bezos, and 82-year-old Aviet Wally Funk – the veteran of space travel, traveled 10 minutes beyond the atmosphere.

The modern crocodile “grandfather” is a 150-million-year-old Chilean fossil

The 150-year-old fossil found in the mountains of southern Chile has been declared the ancestor of modern crocodiles, the Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences announced Friday. In 2014, a species called Burkukusus Malingrande was discovered in Andean fossils near Malin Grande in Patagonia by Argentine and Chilean researchers. It has since been analyzed by the Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences (MACN) in Buenos Aires.

Former Virgin Galaxy chief executive to fly to space – CBC

Former Virgin Galactic Holdings CEO George Whiteside will take to the skies on his next flight, CBC reported Friday. Virgin Galaxy billionaire founder Richard Branson earlier this month beat’s Jeff Bezos to the final. Branson He made the announcement at a party in New Mexico on July 11 following his own flight, the report said.

Space X NASA launches NASA to launch Jupiter Moon Europe mission

Elon Musk’s private rocket company Space X has been awarded a $ 178 million start-up service for NASA’s first mission, focusing on Jupiter’s snow-covered Europe, according to the space agency. The European Clipper’s mission is to explode on a Falcon Heavy rocket fired by the Space Exploration Technology Corporation, a music company from NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida in October 2024, NASA said in an online statement.

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