Samsung launches Premier 4K Triple Laser Projector in India – price, features

Samsung launches Premier 4K triple laser projector in India It shows compact size, so users can easily install and adjust the projector themselves.
Samsung says it doesn’t need to put this project on the project wall because it can capture an image of 23.8 cm.

Samsung’s Premiere The LSP9T (Triple Laser-enabled) model will be available for 6,29,900 rubles from the official online store, Samsung Store and selected Samsung Smart Places from August 10, and the LSP7T (single laser-enabled) will cost 3,89,900 rubles. .

Early bird consumers will be able to purchase Amazon Eco Plus for free when they purchase both models from Samsung’s official online store. Samsung offers the new projectors a 12-month warranty. The more expensive model can offer a screen size of 130 inches and the most affordable alternative is the 120-inch screen size.

Both projectors support 4K picture quality. Samsung has announced that the LSP9T is the world’s first HDR10 + certified projector for triple laser technology support. It is said to provide high contrast details at 2,800 lu0mens brightness and 2,000,000: 1 contrast ratio.

Projectors also feature a filmmaker mode that allows users to enjoy watching movies. The Smart Projector is integrated with the Samsung Smart TV platform and allows users to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube content.

Even Premier supports mobile connectivity features like Tap View. Touching the “Premier” side of your device allows you to reflect the contents of your smartphone on the Samsung Premier. So, you can easily throw pictures or videos on your phone to the big screen. However, the feature only works with Samsung Galaxy smartphones running Android 8.1 and above.

In addition, up to 130 inches of screen size is available for “immersive, clear gaming experience”. The Premier even has powerful built-in woofers and acoustic surround sound.

Premiere Acoustic Beam technology provides up to 40W and 4.2 channel audio for LSP9T and 30W and 2.2 channel experience output for LSP7T. This means that the sound is built into a projector and one does not need an additional sound device because it has the same sound as a company theater or meeting place.


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