Salman Rushdie enters his sub-season

“I mean, if I publish a book, I make more money,” he said.

He is still working on a novel by Random House, planning to make a big swing for traditional costumes.

Substack has money to burn. He raised nearly $ 83 million for $ 650 million, and recently acquired Cocon, a subscription-based social media app that does not include any advertising.

Mr. Rushdie has always been the greatest person in life and in life. His novel is a masterpiece of magical realism and meta-theater fiction in the stories told by many narrators. He had an adventurous personal life and was often married. In many ways, Substack seems to be a natural place for Mr. Rushdie. His Catholic tastes and desires often lend themselves to the broad (sometimes shallow) messages of the thousands of Ststack newspapers.

Still, Mr. Rushdie thinks that the text was interrupted when it came to the web.

“In this new information technology world, I feel that literature has not really found a place there,” he said.

He added that he liked Substack’s experimental beliefs. “Everything that comes into my head gives me a way to say something, without mediators or gatekeepers,” said Mr. Rushdie.

In this year’s edition of “Languages ​​of Truth”, he offers a taste of what it can be, fighting everything from Shakespeare to Osama bin Laden. Critics have rejected the book, calling it one of “the confusing visions of this century.” His latest novel, Quitchote, received a similar statement from the post-modern Don Quixote.

Mr. Rushdie’s move to Substack, the best-known platform for text bloggers and journalists, could be a coup for both parties. The novelist gives some literary tension to the beginnings of the technology, but the subtitle gives a favorable glow to the darker age of the author, which is when big novels are often spotted in Stockholm.

“Let’s see how it goes,” he said of the new experiment. I’m just curious, like everyone else.

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