SA Start Week is about attracting more entrepreneurs, companies to the technology community

San Antonio – The technology community in San Antonio is growing and improving every year as more companies and entrepreneurs want to call Alamo City.

To help these businesses and companies grow locally, SA’s start-up week comes October 11-22 in San Antonio. The event is a “free multi-day conference that brings together more than 2,000 Texas entrepreneurs, activists and change seekers,” according to the website.

SA Launch Week Managing Director Dax Moreno joined SN on Sunday to discuss the technology climate and the scope of the industry in San Antonio.

I will explain the difference with some different areas of strength. We are still finding ourselves and developing our overall technologies, people are developing software applications and so on, we really have a really good team. Port San Antonio is doing some amazing things with innovations and advanced technology, robotics, ”said Moreno.


The tech community around Gecko is also growing rapidly.

“We have the TTFTF Building Life Science and we are attracting some amazing companies to build and grow their businesses here in San Antonio,” Moreno said.

We asked Mourinho about San Antonio, which is different from other destinations in technology. This is what he had to say:

We are tolerant. We have some amazing adaptations. And again, we are truly great thinkers and builders. The way I express it to everyone is that there is no one in San Antonio. I think they are only doing that single role when they get a job or work. They often find other ways to support their team, their business, by doing other things around them, moving into other roles. If you make a small sale, you make a small transaction. If you are doing coding, you can help with some architecture. We only focus on good and good work with our teammates, ” Moreno said.


Like most cities and industries, the epidemic was severe, but San Antonio continued to find a way to grow and prosper.

“The last 18 months have been difficult. There is no way around it. That certainly had an effect. It is also a good time to investigate. I think a lot of businesses have found amazing ways to not only keep their business going, but also to find ways to prosper, find new ways, reach new products and reach new audiences. To sell and deliver value to their customers or market. We are really working hard to highlight those stories in the first week of October, ”said Moreno.

With just a few weeks to go, Moreno said it could be a great opportunity for Alamo.

Our real hope this year is to invite more people in, see what is being done in the beginning. And it’s not just a big focus on technology startups. We have a lot of people building and selling products. We are attracting people from Austin and elsewhere, ”said Moreno. We want more people to see, to participate. We will return in person at a mass social distance … but this is our chance to gather. ”


You can watch the full interview with Moreno in the video player above.

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